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Today, I decided it would be pretty amusing to press the "Like" button on everyone's status on Facebook without reading them just to get on peoples' nerves. After re-reading them later, I found out one of them said "I MISS YOU SOO MUCH GRANDMOM. RIP". I liked that her grandmother died. FML
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  EmDizzle2007  |  28

what was the other option?? at that point on Facebook, there were no reaction options. when you post something like that, what do you expect people to do?? how can you be mad that they interacted with it in one of that only possible ways?? get of your high horse.

  LilMonsterGirl  |  10

Exactly! You liked it because you're praying for that person or offering your condolences. I had a status up about a late family member and people "liked" it because they were consoling me. Don't sweat it too much, OP!