By Stan - 29/08/2011 21:19 - United States

Today, I was doing my jazz aerobics workout and accidentally kicked my 3 year old daughter in the face. Everyone we know, including my wife, thinks I beat her. FML
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I'd say I beat my kid, before I admitted to doing jazz aerobics...


juicedboi 7

Be more worried about people finding out that you do jazz aerobics. Also, quit beating your child..

You could tell your wife u hit your child with the closet door on the way out.

i dont exactly envision a father that does "Jazz aerobics" as a child beater

thir13enthour 0

Poor child. Has to live with a father that makes her do jazz aerobics.

monkeys1315 0

I've never heard of a guy doing jazz aerobics with his three year old

notsoluckypup 12

OP, you should've made sure that all children (and pets) were out of the room first and could not enter...

doctor_awesome 8

* to avoid being seen. not for their protection.

You should kick them while doing your jazz aerobics to prove that it was an accident.

beckal 0

that child will be forever bullied, not because she was kicked in the head as a baby, but because her father does jazz aerobics.

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My 13 year old is still my baby!! Haven't you ever heard that story?! I love you forever and like you for always as long as I'm living MY BABY YOU'LL BE!!