By lostinspace - United States - Grand Rapids
Today, I couldn't sleep due to an awful head cold, so I stayed home from work. Apparently, the local high school marching band practices in the park across the street at 9am. They're doing the Imperial March music from Star Wars. They suck. FML
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  TheBrochure  |  22

NyQuil will help you sleep, and specifically, type in "most relaxing song in the world" on YouTube or whatever you use. That shit knocks me out cold before I know what hit me!

By  SS99_fml  |  20

Awh man, I'd invest in some earplugs...or maybe lightsabers to go fight them off :) would be a better idea (I got carried away there)

By  geekchick88  |  17

I was in the high school marching band, and ours practiced at our own field (in the middle of a residential area) starting at 7:30 AM. I suddenly feel really bad for the people who live that area.

  joopjoop  |  19

dang! when I was in marching band we waited til 1pm to have practices, and had the occasional evening practice! our theme was Pirates of the Caribbean :)

  geekchick88  |  17

We practiced every single morning Monday-Friday from 7:30 until was our first period class. The outside practices would go from the first day of school until early November, so it was really cold in the mornings toward the end. We also had 3 hour practices every Tuesday and Thursday evening from June until November, and two weeks of band camp in early August. On Fridays, we had football games to attend, and on Saturdays we competed. If the competition was close by, we'd meet up and practice for a few hours before we made the bus trip.

It might be masochistic, but I still miss that every day, and it's been 7 years since high school.

  alissa222  |  15

I live right by a school with a morning practice marching band and it's not too bad. Theyre actually good at playing, though. Some mornings its fun to go outside with some coffee and listen in, it feels like being part of the band without actually being able to play an instrument. :)


Yeah I'm in the marching band currently and knowing some of the music that we do, that really must suck. I've had a headache at practice at 7:30am and let me just say, it is HORRIBLE!!