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  night72  |  1

Ever seen that episode of the Simpsons when moe said that and then it zoomed to a girl on the other side of the world and she kills herself?

By  MrForgetable  |  0

No worries, beer goggles are the greatest invention on the planet. They get everybody laid at least once... supposing the goggles wearer remembers, they might want a second ride! gl Op!

By  Vidrill  |  22

Just because it happened once or twice doesn't mean it's always the case... Drunk guys tend to be more flirty in general... Cheer up, a better attitude always leads to more positive things!

  kamikrazy  |  6

My pokemon bring all the girls to the yard, and they're like wanna trade cards, darn right, I wanna trade cards, I'll trade you this but not my charizard.

  gc327072  |  29

Hey, gimme a break; I think I did pretty good for rushing to comment. I mean, it's a lot better than putting


By  sillyyanks  |  24

Hang out with uglier girls then YOU can be the hot best friend :) My best friend (she's a girl obviously) started doing this and not only did she get more man, but she has more confidence too!

  lacespace  |  8

Sounds like your friend could do better to befriend a therapist rather than poor people to degrade or use. You make it sound like this is something she told you worked for her like she just went and got a new hairdo and clothes or something.

  Soloman212  |  28

So by saying that your best friend purposely got an ugly best friend... Are you admitting that you're ugly? I thought "confidence is half the game."

  sillyyanks  |  24

Smart, smart, smart girl but you should read profile genders. I'm a guy. Most girls utilise their best guy mate as a barrier to stop other random guys hitting on them, not as a way of attracting guys :S
Also she did this before I was friends with her, and she would never have had the confidence to speak to me if she hadn't done what she did initially. Everyone can be a bit of a douche when they're growing up but I have found a close and lasting friendship because of her actions so screw you all! :)

By  Church_Vii  |  4

Hey, you'll find a real guy some time, but probably not in a bar. If you go to some alternate coffee places or something maybe you'll find someone who sees passed pure physical characteristics. There are good guys, and you will find one. Good luck :)

  dompee44  |  0

bc every guy at a bar isn't good? In case you haven't heard the entirr purpose of a bar is to meet people, I suppose a library would be even better than a coffee shop since that was established for social gatherings

  CCDNRGD81411  |  3

You can find your soulmate in almost any place in the world.whether a bar or a chatroom someone is there for someone.its a matter of them wanting the male/female and doing whats necessary to get that person.