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By nevergonnatrust - 18/11/2010 09:23

Today, I found out that while I see a therapist for my trust issues, my husband sleeps with our nanny. FML
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mms1021 0

umm I wouldn't be calling him my husband anymore.

I would then be seeing a therapist for anger management!


mms1021 0

umm I wouldn't be calling him my husband anymore.

Oh, Mr.Sheffield... *Annoying yiddish giggle*

Umm, it takes 2 to tango. So the nanny is also at fault here. 1: for sleeping with a married man.

JustJaredfied 0
asniper 0

If I were get I would start a threesome. if I wre the husband I would ask her if she wants to have a threesome. but that's just me.

ydi for having trust issues. if you didn't have to go to a therapist, he wouldn't have the chance to cheat on you.

stephanie0613 0

I'd kick the nanny's ass, and kick the husband out while you're at it.

Lol I was waiting for someone to mention the nanny...

monkeyshorts22 4

me too 126! lol I love the nanny. xD

This is literally the stupidest thing I have ever seen. That's like someone saying "I got shot today," and you replying "well then next time don't be the same place as the shooter."

kittykat1501 31

She can't help having trust issues!!!!! And wouldn't you have them if your spouse did this?!?!?! A**hole

kittykat1501 31

I would then be seeing a therapist for anger management!

skyttlz 32

and then while op is at anger management, her hubby will be with his girlfriend

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I have a better idea: maybe he does it because he's a jerk.

AliceImaMonster 0

she had a good reason not to trust him. She should divorce him, because hes a cheating asshole. Thats what I'd do. Just saying.

well I didn't say it was right :] I do believe he is an ass hole and should be run over by a train :) but god knows maybe he is dumb enough to do it because she doesn't trust him :) never the less I that that they should get divorce and he should go see a therapist for his messed up mind :]

You must really enjoy being single. With philosophies like that no woman will ever love you.

to bad I have a boyfriend :) and im a girl who is interested in boys :]v

AngryNinja 1

Haha.. although highly disrespectful, you must admit he had a pretty efficient system working.

butthole_cheeze 0

you should roleplay more often. i bet that youre one of those wives that guys regret marrying a week after the ceremony. do the world a favor and just slit your wrists

cradle6 13

WTF? Get the hell of this site. You don't need to be talking to people. OP did nothing wrong and you're telling her to kill herself. seriously, you're an asshole

butthole_cheeze 0

i am an asshole and i love it. 1st amendment is my friend.

crazyin321 0

You are an unbelievable a$$hole, that's all you are.

Butthole, nobody is trying to deny your right to free speech, but when you make yourself sound like a complete ********, expect people to call you out for it. I found your comment repugnant, but I support your right to say it. I also support the right of others to lambast you for it.

see maybe if you had trusted him this wouldn't have happened lol

Haha yeah how about spending less time in therapy and more time in the bedroom?

Maybe it's not him that op doesn't trust, but maybe she just has a hard time letting people in because go off and throw it away like he did.

NacRat 0

you should have hired a male nanny or a really ugly and fat one.

that's what they should all do unless they hate eachother

Talia_91 13

why hire a nanny? your husband is home to boink her then why cant he just watch the kids?

really!?! if it wasn't the nanny it would of been someone else like a coworker or a neighbor! op might wanna pay more attention to the needs of her husband than worrying about trust issues at a therapist. that's why the husband has time to screw around because she doesn't pay attention or give him what he needs.

Talia_91 13

yea but he would be limited cuz he would be taking care of the children not like he can leave them home alone to sleep with someone else.

Yeah, great point stacy. How dare she go to a therapist and try to work out her issues for the good of the relationship while her husband is at home with needs? She needs to stay in the kitchen.

I'm sure he might have cheated with someone else but either way the man can't take care of his own kids??