By jlujan00 - 18/11/2015 23:40 - United States - Albuquerque

Today, I cleaned up the dog poop from around the back yard. This is how I discovered that my dog's favorite snack appears to be used condoms. FML
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I'm suprised the dog hasn't been very ill from eating them

All these sarcastic answers... you are responsible for cleaning your dog's poop! Mine used to get into my boyfriend's gum and I would find blue bits in his poop. :(

Most undigestible things tend to just pass through, though sometimes may cause blockage in the exit port which in turn may cause health problems if not taken care of soon enough.

May be the correction could be: he ate all the used protection

well it could be worse. some poor girl/guy could have stds

I'm would be more worried about my dog possibly choking to death, or having to have very expensive surgery, rather than a disease than can probably be cured.

I don't think a dog eating condoms effects wether or not an unknown person uses them.

At least he doesn't bring them to your guests as gifts!

And where does he get these used condoms ?

Well they should; those filthy baggers go from port to port.

the real question is why are there used condoms in your backyard..

Let me try to explain. Going out on a limb but here goes: OP's dog ate used condoms and pooped in the backyard. The condoms were in the poop. Not physically in the backyard. That is what I gathered from the fml.

besides the point, there just laying around for the dog to eat..

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Probably not, some times dogs go through the garbage without the owner knowing. Really don't think OP left condoms laying around especially since they are a dog owner.

36, Exactly! My stepdad's dog is smart enough to put her paw on the lever that opens the trash lid in the bathroom. If we don't leave the door closed, we come back to trash everywhere. OP could have a very smart dog with a very odd taste.

my dog takes them out of the bin..the we had to get one with a proper lid..this was after he chewed a disposable razor...(he was fine, but my bank balance wasn't)

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Wow 46, I'm glad your dog was ok! That's scary