By John - 15/11/2009 06:08 - Australia

Today, I parked my convertible in the 5 minute bay at the post office. When I came back out I noticed a bum in the front seat pretending to drive it. After shouting at him and pulling him out, he stumbled off. I was then slapped with a ticket for being parked longer than 5 minutes. FML
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beat his ass next time. who cares if hes a bumb both of ydi

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I hope it smells like bum ass now.

ydi for having a convertable... WTF.. I'd never get one unless it had a roof of some sort.. anyone can get in it or touch your shit.. fkk

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umm i had a convertible and there is a roof that goes up and down you idiot. but the OP went in the place for 5 ******* minutes, so why put the top up?

yeah who the **** expects a bum to just hop in and make himself at home lmao XD

"convertable" as in it can CONVERT to a car with or roof or without and yeah convertables are mostly nice cars lots of ppl have them

Out of all the FML's where people are saying how they got cheated on, betrayed by a family member, having an embarrassing moment in front of millions of people; yours says how you got a parking ticket that you only have to pay......... Dont ever use this site if your going to whine about something that could not even possibly ruin your day. Jesus christ i really want to rage on you right now......

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God forbid we destroy the sanctity of this site with things other than whiny drama queens complaining about normal human behavior!

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Is this the same bum from Australia that had the ingrown hair in it? A hobo in the driver's seat, huh? Here in Texas you'd probably win the Bum Steer award. I think it would be the first time it was handed out for being literally true.

I'm surprised no one mentionned how fake this sounds yet.. seriously, what kind of zealous cop would give out a ticket to someone for being parked a minute too long when they obviously see the driver next to the car taking care of a problem that's preventing him to leave? And unless there's a timer somewhere, or the cop watched the whole 5 minutes, there's no way to know how long someone has been parked in those kind of parkings..

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you obviously haven't been to australia. the parking ticket officers get a commission off each ticket they give out. so if you're there for 5 minutes and 5 seconds, you'd get fined. similar stories are commonly reported on the news.

Umm actually they mark the tires with chalk and log it. Then they come back by checking thier logs and they make thier decision whether or not to cite the driver at that point...