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Today, my boyfriend and I made love for the first time. Before we left his house so he could walk me home, I fixed my hair by the hall mirror and joked about having serious sex hair. My boyfriend quickly reminded me that his incredibly religious mother was in the next room. FML
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MorganXAlexander 6

You had sex with his religious mother in the house? Disrespectful

This is one time where a grammar nazi is needed. Did they: Have sex with his mother, in her house? Or did they Have sex, with her mother in the house. Kind of like good old uncle jack and his horse.


ee13lbp 4

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It's when you smother the bitch with a pillow while shaving half her head and then cum in her hair. Thus making it very messy. Or it might just be what happens to a woman's hair after a lot of motion like there is during sex.

ee13lbp 4

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And that's a typical response from someone who knows NOTHING about South Africans and how they act.

ee13lbp 4

Meh, speaking from the viewpoint of a capetonian myself

unknown_user5566 26

Wow, this comment thread turned into a cluster-**** in record time.

Why did you have sex while your boyfriend's mother was in the next room in the first place?

27, #1 didn't. Reply properly next time and try again?

How do you not know what sex hair is? Really??? How can you not know??? OP YDI for having sex while a religious mother is in the next room. Were you like nice having sex? Walls are thin. Jeez.

migi428 5

Urban Dictionary: Sex hair It is the style of your hair after having amazing sex Usually messy and sticking up on end. ^hope this helps!

BeforeItWasCool 12

I can't believe this even required explanation. It's pretty self explanatory, don't you think? If not, google! Why do so many people jump to asking everyone else, when google is a click away?

janeybean 4

After y have sex ur hair gets all messed up ...

Before Google was invented, people asked other people for information all of the time. It's sad that it is such a big deal now.

Gonna be an awkward hello next time you meet!

More like the next time they meet, the mother is going to spray her with holy water and tell her she is a sin.

MorganXAlexander 6

You had sex with his religious mother in the house? Disrespectful

This is one time where a grammar nazi is needed. Did they: Have sex with his mother, in her house? Or did they Have sex, with her mother in the house. Kind of like good old uncle jack and his horse.

Just because someone disagrees with what you do doesn't mean you shouldn't do it. Even if its a parent.

Haha. Just because someone holds religious views there's no reason to impose them on other people. If OP doesn't want to respect the mother's views then that's fine. Religion isn't even taken seriously these days.

unknown_user5566 26

23- I agreed with you until I read your last sentence. "Religion isn't taken seriously these days"? Maybe you don't take it seriously, but overall, it's still very significant in shaping people's values and lives in general.

Regardless of if you agree with her religious views or not, it is still disrespectful to blatantly do something in her house you know she seriously disapproves of. I'm not religious but my ex boyfriends mom was. She knew she couldn't prevent us from having sex, but out of respect for her views, we never had sex in her house. tl;dr her house, her rules. Be a grown up and respect them.

siickman 7

Well idk about you 22 but, a rule i learned was "under my roof, my rules." So if i can conclude that it is his mothers house, for sure sex without marriage should not happen in that house. Then again his mother could be living with him and still bitch about him having sex without being married.

Being a grown up doesn't mean you have to respect people's views Hun. That's your opinion.

Careful guys, 44 is a "frat star". Urbandictionary tells me that means he's really awesome!

unknown_user5566 26

44- Sure, being an adult doesn't mean you *have* to respect other people's views. However if you ever hope to be a mature individual, respecting other people and their points of view is a good start.

44 - are you trying to justify your premarital sex in your parents basement or something? It's seems implied that the OP and her boyfriend are teenagers. Unless they own their own place or rent their own place they need to respect the homeowners wishes

So to be mature I have to respect other people's views. Well, I respect everyone's views. I personally wouldn't have sex if I went to my moms home. Does that mean I'm mature?

58, yes. My question is why do they need to?

60 - it's clear you are either completely ignorant or do not have the capacity to respect someone who is doing you a favor by allowing you to live in their home free of rent. It's also clear your parents did a piss poor job in giving you the proper education on learning to respect them and others who are doing you favors such as the above. Typical ignorant attitude which sadly is plaguing many of the new generation. Me, me, me! Type of mindset.

dezmal 2

It would be foolish to try and force everyone we know to think and believe and act the way we think is right. Everybody is entitled to their own opinions and values; nobody wants differing expectations stuck on them. HoweveR, we all must respect peoples' boundaries. If op is underage and his mother is supporting and caring for him, and he knows she wouldn't want him fornicating (in general, but esp in the next room) Then he shouldn't be, even if he disagrees. And even if its irritating. She just loves her son and wants him to be safe and happy

CaptainDoorknob 7

Look at me. I grew up with no father and a mother who hates me above all. I grew up as a hoodrat type but I'm 18 now and figured out for myself that I need to grow up and respect others beliefs and opinions instead of the opposite. If I can do that I'm more than sure you could, 44. Parents raising you have nothing to do with the man or woman you become, you decide that. tl;dr Grow up.

CaptainDoorknob 7

*The parent part was directed at 67.

It's disrespectful to have sex while the mother's there. Next time, wait until you're alone.

FurryRocks 10

lol 20 you got thumbed down cause people love sex... hahaha got a point though... i wonder how old these kids are

51 - That comma wasn't needed. Just, saying.

skulltorn 8

Thats pretty ballsy to have sex with a parent in the house.

Yolo. Right? Haha it adds to the excitement.

I did that before, and my mom walked in once. The blanket was over us and we were in the spooning position so she didn't know but it was really awkward. So glad she didn't find out. Or if she did, that she didn't say anything.

skulltorn 8

I had a girlfriend in high school with super strict parents, so just being alone in any room in her house was a no go haha

Why would you make love while his mother was in the house? That's quite rude, and stupid, especially to think you wouldn't get caught.

Well your going to hell OP... She probably going to throw holy water on you next time.

I'm just joking about going to hell OP, but in the religious moms eyes you are.

LiterOfCola 16

Who gives a **** if the mother is in the house? All of this "disrespectful" bullshit... If they don't get caught, it has no effect on anyone else.

LiterOfCola 16

It's definitely ballsy, but sometimes you gotta risk it for the biscuit!

They are disrespecting the mother's rules. It doesn't matter if they get caught. OP, I was a horny teen not too long ago, and I more than understand the want to share your first time with your boyfriend when you are in love, but you don't have a place to do it unless you break the rules. My advice is to wait until you can get a hotel room with him, or until he is moved out of his moms house, or something like that where you can be in a safe place while following your parents' wishes. It may not seem worth it now, but it is ;)

Yes, because you should follow rules even when they are unjust, stupid, and based on nothing but old fashioned beliefs.

skulltorn 8

17- your pretty much asking teens to wait till they're 21 one to have sex, unless other states let you get a hotel at 18....... Anyways, horny teens will not care where to ****!

#17: I think hotel rooms are one of the least romantic places to have sex. The backseat of a car will have more memories attached to it.

I know, that's why I said you may not think its worth it now, but at least for me, I wish I had waited. I got into a lot of trouble as a 16 year old for having sex in a car because I couldn't do it in mine or my boyfriend's house. And it caused a lot of distrust between my parents and me. Sure it may be unjust, but if I could do it over, I wouldn't risk that again.

Well, that's the fault of your parents stupid rules.

I have vowed to never put my kids through that (whenever or if ever I have kids). I would never want them to feel as guilty as I did about something so fundamental as sexuality. I agree that it's a stupid rule and that teens should be free to make their own sexual choices as long as they are responsible. But I wouldn't go against my parents simply because I think they need respect too.

Neither would I. But respect is a choice, not a requirement. When I go home I don't have sex in my house with my parents there, ill barely even touch my girlfriend. I'm not even sure they care but its a choice of mine. But if someone wants to have sex with parents home that's their choice as well.

Yes definitely, I was just giving advice not saying that they have to take it. :)

I honestly can't believe the level of disrespect people have for their parents. No, you don't have sex in their house if they do not believe in pre material sex. That is your parent and you are in their house that they pay for and worked hard for. I live with my cousin, even pay her rent. She asked if I can keep PDA low because of my younger siblings and you know what, I do, because I respect her. Seriously people, these are the people that gave you life. All they ask for is respect.

It's not a stupid rule. Do you know how many teens get pregnant from being careless about having sex? Most teens aren't mature enough to make a decision on whether or not to have sex or not. They think it's nothing, but we were made to have sex so we could reproduce and as pleasure, and we shouldn't have sex until we're married.

It's unreasonable to expect someone to wait for marriage, especially now that people get married later and later in life and many people choose not to marry. When I become a parent I would expect my teen to be responsible and make good choices. It is possible for teens to do so if you talk to them about it and set boundaries. Such as: you may only have sex in these places, and you must use these forms of contraception and protection and you both must first get tested for these STDs etc. Teens can be mature if you let them and raise them to be. It was not a good choice that I made at 16, and maybe I would have made the same mistake even with this guidance, but I would have been more healthy mentally because I would not have been ashamed of being sexually active. There is nothing wrong with that. It is natural and healthy to want to have sex at that age, and if you teach good decision making and consequence evaluation as a parent, your teen will probably be better off and more trusting of you and more independent and self sufficient and confident.

My first time was at a hotel, and it was amazing. I do have great memories of the backseat though.

I agree to a point. Hell my dad has told me that his mom caught him and their house before. People are stupid. Yeah, disrespectful to a point but damn, everyone is too uptight.

unknown_user5566 26

How were you able to get comfortable enough to make love for the first time while his religious mother was in the next room? When my husband and I had to live in my Aunt's basement for a while, our love life suffered briefly because we felt so awkward about it.

Some people like excitement... It could be the fear of being caught, the fact that its "taboo"... Or they could've just not cared. That's always a possibility....

Sinkhole 26

The FML clearly says that she /fixed her hair/ in the hall (with OP's mother being in the next room). I seriously doubt that OP had sex in the hall; she was just passing by on her way out, and used that mirror.