By Anonymous - 21/02/2010 11:58 - New Zealand

Today, at the supermarket, I ignored the "Riding on trolleys down the ramp is strictly prohibited" sign. While going full speed down the ramp, my trolley with $200 worth of groceries in it tipped and crashed. Luckily, I broke its fall. FML
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@14 you can't -_- there was a sign saying not to do that sort of thing.... YDI


Repttar, why do you think everything is fake? OP, you completely deserved that but I hope you're okay. Enjoy being hungry and sore for the next week or so.

A skatepark in a grocery store, SSSIIIICCCCCKKK

I guess I can see how it can be fake? but how the **** is it homosexual at all?

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Oh damn, you can't beat two camels in a tiny car. But I can get my crazy asian girlfriend on you. ;D Couldn't resist. OP- I would've done the same thing except not with $200 worth of things I bought, that was the only dumb part of this. Why not have a rush of fun guys? As long as he isn't hurting anyone.

Natural Selection = +1 (except you aren't dead or incapable of reproducing) You = 0

Doesn't it suck that you also happen to deserve this!? The signs there for a reason, dumbass. YDI

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oh yes. Definitely deserved it!!!! who does that with $200 worth of food!! dumb bum

there's no way you didn't save the mac n cheese

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WTF is a trolley? skateboard?

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I'm surprised that there was an actual sign that said: "Do not ride down the ramp on trolleys." It seems ridiculous that a large grocery store would write stupid stuff like that. They actually thought some people would be so stupid as to try that (*you*) so they put up a real sign saying that. Seems hughly unlikely to me. 

@106 its in New Zealand. it's a grocery cart

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yeah this dumbass deserved it for not reading a sign... ...WHICH IS THERE FOR A REASON!!!!!!

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WooO! Another case of "Stupid Yank knows nothing about the rest of the world!"! "Trolley" is what we call what you call a "shopping cart". Geez, the world knows American stuff but you guys live in your own little bubble.

Why do I get the "Pak N Save" vibe here? Dont blame yah. Pak n Save is FREAKIN FUN!

Excuse me, but riding down the ramp on a trolley at Pak'n'Save (our favourite grocery store), is a widely revered national pastime in New Zealand.


140, he never ******* said he was trying to be a badass, maybe he was just trying to have fun?


I agree with #2....YDI for not listening to the rules. o.0

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C'mon! That sign is just DARING you to do it! It's practically entrapment where a normal person wouldn't even think of doing that, the sign puts the idea into their head. Does your family know why they have to eat omelettes with lint, hair and gravel in them for dinner tonight?

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Exactly. Rules are made to be broken. I don't see why people ******* complain everytime they get a hair in their food. Especially if the hair is curly and short, you better be damn thankful your chef cares enough to give you a special order. Give your food a personal touch. Nobody said that isn't in restaurant etiquette. That sign saw that shit coming. FYL

One does not simply not ride the trolley down the ramp.

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What does dislexia have to do with anything? The FML said that OP "ignored" the sighn. Not that she missread it.

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Its there for a reason! At least u had fun.

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It doesn't sound fun when you say it from a different perspective... "Hey!That dude just rode down a ramp and crushed $200 of groceries! That looks fun!"

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I live the way everyone gives this kid a hard time as if they've never ignored a sign - I hope you learned a lesson, and at least had a little fun in the process...

I love how you assume that everyone ignores signs. I don't ignore signs, especially if they say something is "strictly prohibited". I assume there must be a good reason for the sign, and any time you say to yourself "what's the worst thing that could happen," you're just tempting Murphy's Law to demonstrate.

Karma is a bitch...and im sure that trip down hill lol reminded the o.p. of just how raw she can be