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you're missing the easy solution, create a cloning machine (one that doesn't need stem cells, happy pro life?). then clone yourself so that one of you does the test whilst the other sets to work on a time machine. then once the time machine is done the clone goes back in time to go to the job interview. simple really I don't know why no one thought of it


Ok y miss the interview when this is a once in a life time thing! But correct me if I'm wrong this is one of those times that work is more important then school?!? You don't need that stupid exam you really are an IDIOT

  jayellef  |  3

most employers are fine with rescheduling around a school exam I don't understand why OP didn't ask for one or even state that time is not good for him I have a final exam at that exact time can we do it earlier in the day or the next day whichever is more convenient for you. OP needs to have more self confidence and man up!