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Today, I can't attend an interview for a great job because I have an exam. An exam I need to pass in order to have a great job like the one I'm missing the interview for. FML
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why didnt you schedule the interview you should have known when your exam was.


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damned if I do ya, damned if I don't :)

Should've tried your luck at the interview.

you're missing the easy solution, create a cloning machine (one that doesn't need stem cells, happy pro life?). then clone yourself so that one of you does the test whilst the other sets to work on a time machine. then once the time machine is done the clone goes back in time to go to the job interview. simple really I don't know why no one thought of it

Ok y miss the interview when this is a once in a life time thing! But correct me if I'm wrong this is one of those times that work is more important then school?!? You don't need that stupid exam you really are an IDIOT

just tell ur teacher about the situation and he will prob understand and excuse the absence unless he is a complete ass and if not go anyways

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well couldnt u get an interview and have better chances of beating the other guys if u have the education required for the position?.

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74 I don't know about sixtimessix having better chances but OP might.

Verily, this comment shall be thine first, as was mine "Your life sucks" vote. Indubitably.

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you probably should of waited to apply, seeing how you havnt finshed the required courses in all.....

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I swear I've seen this FML before. This one has been posted before.

ha rage. how about don't do either? I'd either way you won't get the job

why didnt you schedule the interview you should have known when your exam was.

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This is what I was wondering.

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most employers are fine with rescheduling around a school exam I don't understand why OP didn't ask for one or even state that time is not good for him I have a final exam at that exact time can we do it earlier in the day or the next day whichever is more convenient for you. OP needs to have more self confidence and man up!

I was thinking the exact same thing... don't you get the exam schedule at least like 2 weeks in advance??? YDI!

agreed with all of the above. YDI

most recruiters will reschedule if you give them a valid reason. also why accept an interview time knowing it was your exam day?

Choose an option. Whatever it might be it will be better than smocking pot and dreaming that you did both of them at the same time.

I hate it when I accidentally smock pot.

smocking's no good. you should stop.

Smo”c”king pot makes you the President of the USA. Ask Bill and Obama. To be fair on the other side; drinking beers have the same effect. Ask George.

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I choose smocking pot!! oh...wait, was that not one of the options...?

NOT, if you are making decision about your life. YES, if you are making decision about everybody else’s life.

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I take the test if I were u..