By Anonymous - 23/10/2010 09:07 - Australia

Today, my boyfriend said he wants a Hello Kitty wedding. FML
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RedPillSucks 31

Was this after you flashed him with your "Hello Kitty" panties?


except... if she does do this, they'll all have to wear pink bows and floofy dresses. ew.

missmurderx 8

What's so odd about this? I'm having a Transformers wedding. *PewPew*

pwincessa23 1
zp5 4

dress as hello kitty with an ak47 :D

pwincessa23 1

Why was my comment moderated!??? I said it was cute!!

ashk8n 0

hmm with some guy!!! no straight guy says he wants that for a birthday party much less a wedding!

TheDrifter 23

I've seen bridesmaids in uglier outfits 20.

cc_the_beast 6

It must be the south east Asia influence. and I must say, a hello kitty wedding? AWESOME!!!

Wow your statement goes really well with that picture. ;)

Your picture is actually pretty terrifying.

AzNxS3nSaT1oN 0
IphonFML 6

coming from someone with a mr.T pokemon, no yurs a bit more terrifying

cc_the_beast 6

Coming from the dude who takes photos of his abs in his bathroom? Not really scary, just sad...

cc_the_beast 6

Yeah I signed up yesterday, and I'm on my iPhone, not too sure how to get a pic up yet... :-)

no the wedding is for him and his boyfriend, shes just a consultant

That's true. Women (and gay men) are better at colour coordinating and planning, anyway.

MyFirstKiss 0

maybe he's bisexual.or just kidding or is just plain weird

theman777 0

maybe the chick dresses like a dude

Fortuitous 0

Steff, what's wrong with a guy liking some pussy?

most importantly did he see hello kitty when he first experienced his arousal...serious issues these day >:l

RedPillSucks 31

Was this after you flashed him with your "Hello Kitty" panties?

You should be happy your boyfriend wants a Hello Kitty wedding. It'll be enjoyable and plus y'all can get matching Hello Kitty rings. This is awesome.

I don't know if you were being sarcastic or not but I agree. OP, you are so lucky! I would do this in all seriousness. But if it's not your thing, maybe you can compromise. If the bridesmaids wear pink dresses, the men can wear pink ties and maybe just an HK pocket square. You can have an HK cake.

I would so marry him! I LOVE hellokitty...then again not sure if I love it /that/ much

I'd do it! I looovvveee Hello Kitty!

koolkat27 13

why do grown adults like hello kitty? it's supposed to be for little girls, isn't it? I find it kind of pathetic.

Your pathetic. Hello Kitty is really "in" with the scene crowd, and Hot Topic carries lots of HK items, making it more popular. It is just a fad, but lots of people like it, so shut the **** up And don't insult other people's interests.

If you're surprised by this, then you probably shouldn't be dating the guy.

dudeitsdanny 9

Agreeeeed. Didn't you get the hint when he bought you the strap-on? Or when you found his *****? Ironically, if a girl wanted a Hot Wheels wedding, we'd all say she's awesome.

That's not really ironic. It's more of a simple double standard.

dudeitsdanny 9

It would. But the reactions being opposite when it's a similar situation would make it ironic.

Dammit Steff, you beat me to it. Ironically, most people don't know the definition of "irony."

dudeitsdanny 9

I can't speak slowly, so please read it slowly. Situational irony is when the opposite of what is expected occurs. Here we see people calling a man gay and reacting negatively to his liking a feminine character. One would expect the same reaction if a woman liked a more masculine character or toy. If the reaction was opposite, and she received praise, rather than mocking, then it would be the opposite of what is expected. If the reaction is the opposite of what is expected, it's ironic. Cleae? Good. Now stop trying to sound superior.

First off, I believe the word is 'clear'. Secondly: "Agreeeeed. Didn't you get the hint when he bought you the strap-on? Or when you found his *****? Ironically, if a girl wanted a Hot Wheels wedding, we'd all say she's awesome." Let's see. You're making an assumption that he bought a strap on, implying he's gay. Let's say he is gay. Not all gays buy strap ons. Many straight guys buy strap ons, as well as gays... so just the simple act of buying one and wanting his girlfriend to use it on him doesn't automatically make him gay. He may enjoy anal penetration, since it apparently stimulates the prostate gland. Most straight guys DO enjoy their prostate being stimulated, however not all are comfortable with anal sex, or even anal stimulation via a finger. Because he's wanting sex with his girlfriend in this hypothetical situation, since the girl is not a man, the guy is not gay. He may be bisexual. It's not ironic if a girl wants a Hot Wheels party etc. It's a double standard like I said, mainly in that we stereotype and become homophobes when we hear that a male likes something feminine, but we think it's cool and "hot" when a girl likes something masculine. We don't like when males wear feminine clothing, yet we have no issue when women don masculine suits and work attire. World of Warcraft can be see as a "nerdy" game. Females who play are seen as cool, whereas guys who play are typically seen as losers who have nothing better to do with their lives (or lack thereof). Again, this is not my view, this is just proving a point. I don't see the males who play as entirely nerdy and I don't assume they have no life; rather I'm just demonstrating what most people stereotype them to be. I'm also not stating that everyone thinks this way; I'm generalizing. Gay males are still "feared" for lack of a better word, but lesbians are "hot" and nobody sees anything wrong with that. Do you see what I'm saying here? I'm sorry if I'm speaking too slowly for you.

dudeitsdanny 9

You didn't catch that the first part of my statement was a joke. Funny? Depends who reads it. I know it's a double standard, I agreed. I, personally, fine double standards ironic, for the already stated reason of opposite response. I'm not denying it's a double standard. I think that double standards are a perfect example of situational irony. You can have both. And I think girls who play WoW are just as bad ;P

I caught the joke. *facepalm* I shot it right back at you. Thank you for understanding the language of sarcasm. I'm also going by my personal experience, so you're entitled to your opinion about women who play WoW. Anyway, you didn't say until your very last post which I am currently responding to that you thought a double standard was a perfect example of situational irony. If that was your entire point, you should have stated that and made your point more clear.

CoachLlama 5

Whoa, reign it in a bit. So many words. arg....Oh WoW reference. Nice. Why does my brain hurt?

sorry steff, your wrong(again) any "str8" guy who likes strap ons or any sort of anal stimulation is a closet case. to be honest, I don't even think str8 guys exist anymore, unless there "holy rollers".lol

green_eyes124 0

Um, you probably don't want to say that Steff is wrong while using the word 'your' when you mean 'you're'. She's going to murder you for that and many other things in your comment (like saying str8 when you mean straight). And while I'm posting anyway... what do you mean by your "holy rollers" statement?

117 - Sorry,*, Steph/Steff*, you're*, wrong (again)*... even though the brackets were unnecessary, "straight"*, strap-ons*, To*, straight*, they're*, and I assume "Holy Rollers" is a name of something, so that should also be capitalized. Also, "lol" is not a sentence on its own, and should be capitalized after a period. You forgot the punctuation at the end of your sentence (after 'lol'), and I think you should research these things before you open your mouth. I have, which is why I made my point here. Don't tell me I'm wrong unless you're 110% sure I am, and don't even THINK about telling anyone they're wrong until you make your own post 100% correct (including all grammar, spelling, and "factual information"). And just for good measure, straight guys do exist; I've dated many and am currently in a relationship with one. Just because a guy likes anal stimulation does not mean he's a "closet case"; there is such a thing as bisexuality. Also, it's possible for a straight guy to like it, as well. Bisexuality/homosexuality is defined as a preference for either both sexes, or males rather than females. There, I saved you half a step. Anyway, you should look up some of the stuff I mentioned in my posts since you clearly didn't before you posted the last time. Thanks.