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Today, the only person in my entire family to show up sober and on time to my graduation was my grandma. FML
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Was she the DD? or just ran out of beer money?


Was she the DD? or just ran out of beer money?

groovycrazyjoe 18

his my was pendant probably late because she was vacuuming the grass

I see you've read the old FML post on the mom being drunk and vacuuming the grass in the morning ;]

bluucat 17

It's okay. Congrantulation on graduating OP! :D

Honestly, I dont see it as ok. You work hard enough to graduate, and should therefore expect some celebration or at least respect and recognision, not a bunch of alcoholics.

24, #3 didn't mean it was acceptable. it was consoling as if to say "in the end this will work out".

bluucat 17

I wasn't having a go at #3. Sure, we move on with our lives in most circumstances. But to have OPs family be so insolent, worse still at an important event, is not ok, and may damage their relationships - which is kinda sad.

\ 28

#3, Come to think of it, scholarships given for academic merit should be called "congrantulations."

That's rough OP, at least grandma was considerate! And congrats!

Better one family member than none. Sucks OP, sorry! Congratulations though.

Wow, that's rude. Hope you give your grandma a nice dinner or another gift for doing this! :-) Congrats on you graduation though!

Justy101 23

So if she was the only one who was sober in your family, does that mean you were also drunk...? Sounds better than my graduation!

One day you'll understand that the only way to get through those things as an observer, especially if it's a large class, is with a little help from liquor. Then again, I was toasted as a participant too...

Yes. Alcohol is the answer and go-to spot whenever you're feeling down.

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#9, Either you're that miserable or your social skills are THAT bad. I feel sorry for you either way.

Yes, #37, people only drink because they're either a) miserable or b) lack social skills. At 19 years of age, I'm sure you have a lot of experience that would lead you to a black and white view of the world.

#41 - #37 has a point, however they missed a 3rd option: has to have alcohol to have a good time, otherwise they cant. I can have a good time with or without alcohol, but there are people who feel they need to depend on it because they can also use it as an excuse for why they act like idiots, racists etc. Really if you feel that you NEED alcohol to have a good time, you should really be questioning your dependency on it. It is after all a warning sign of being an alcoholic.

Plottwist: she was the only one who showed up.

How is that a plot twist? That is exactly what happened!

Justy101 23

Actually, the FML states that the rest of her family came late and were also drunk. Her g'ma was on time and sober.

titandesu 14

real plot twist the grandmother got everyone drunk beforehand so that she would be the only one on time