By TVKill3r - 29/03/2013 00:57 - United States

Today, at work while near a cigarette tray outside, a man said, "Thanks for polluting our environment!" All I could say was, "What?" He then said "I'm speaking English you know!" I was cleaning the cigarette tray at the time, don't smoke at all, and was born here. FML
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Yeah... i hate those people who think they're better then everyone else...

RedGai 7

Should reply, "Thanks for wasting our welfare money"


Yeah... i hate those people who think they're better then everyone else...

KiddNYC1O 20

than* You're welcome. I'm better than you... Jk lol.

Yeah but when he said OUR He could have been including OP

"As he got into his hummer and drove away". Sounds like a perfect murican ending to me.

Thx for the correction ;) I'm not a native English speaker...

Don't vote it down you idiots, #29 was a joke. I guess some people are too stupid to recognise jokes when they see them. :3 I swear to god if someone calls me a hypocrite I'll tear they're f###ing eyes out.

dinosxxrawr 22

if only people took the time to understand:[

I'd say so. OP's been wrongly accused of something along with strong racial undertones to the accusation. It probably made them uncomfortable at the very least. Hope it didn't ruin your day OP.

Who cares what he thinks? Let him think, while you know ;)

RedGai 7

Should reply, "Thanks for wasting our welfare money"

RedGai 7

cause you know... sterotypes

We don't know the ethnicity, religion, or sexual orientation of the man. How, in ANY LOGICAL WAY, is this a stereotype?

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32 - Stereotyping people on welfare. Seems obvious to me.

Should have thanked him for being a ********. Who cares if you do or don't smoke? its none of his concern.

Hi, I care, because I feel sick to cigarette smoke.

And I feel sick of people who get aggressive towards everyone who smokes and make a scene whenever they find a smoker. Luckily for me, I am smart enough to simply avoid these people and thus don't have to complain about their behaviour afterwards. (Unless I am forced to do so in order to get this specific point I am making right now across to someone via the comment section of a site on the Internet.)

Smoke all you want and kill yourself. However when you smoke outside the door, or on a balcony and it goes into my window, and you throw your used butts on the ground that is affecting me. I don't get aggressive but I don't blame anyone that does to these types of people!

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smoking actually helps the environment by killing all the polluters!

"You're Welcome" is the best way to deal with such jump-to-conclusion types.

You should just say "You're welcome!" With a big smile on your face.

People should just stop making judgmental, nosy comments and mind their own business.