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  hashshim  |  21

#42: I hate the idea that only guys want sex and they have to go above and beyond the call of duty in a relationship for the girl to deem him worthy of having sex with her.

  israelnotjacob  |  20

63, I totally agree. It pisses me off when people talk as though sex is something guys have to earn from a woman. No women enjoy it as well, and trying to use it against their partner to get things is a terrible way to have a relationship.

72, nobody was saying that the guy taking her out to dinner obligated her to have sex, but yes that attitude would be wrong as well. Either way though the basis of such ideas is that the man is trying to earn sex like he earns a paycheck from work or something. That attitude is wrong because intimacy is something both parties should desire to both give and receive frequently if it's actually love. Lasting relationships are never built on attitudes of earning or being obligated to give intimacy to your partner.

By  Breegotcake  |  14

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  SgtAssCheeks  |  21

Did she do it on purpose?

Yeah no I dont happen to "accidentally" be jerking off and, by coincidence, out of the blue, filming a snapchat of it then send it to everyone then claim "It was an accident, sorry". What about you?