By TDCC - 17/04/2011 01:06 - United States

Today, my dog ate a $2,000 check. My credit card bill gets taken out of my bank account tomorrow. FML
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Why'd you leave it where he could get it?

MrsLender_fml 3

The check cost $2000?! How much was it for?


MrsLender_fml 3

The check cost $2000?! How much was it for?

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ilovewolves 0

hahahaha u fail at life

MrsLender_fml 3

And you fail to notice sarcasm (:

andres19 0

fails all around

your sarcasm is being used poorly

Don't worry MrsLender, I appreciate the sarcasm here. These people are just too dense.

if people can't see this was sarcasm that's really sad

^ I'm pretty sure we all see the sarcasm, it was just lame

oooooohhhh I see what you did there

i found it amusing mrslender and i am awesome, so really that is all that matters

now you can start making your dog puke :)

you're fucking stupid.

Total blonde moment. Glad you're being _sarcastic_, though.

MrsLender_fml 3

Teeehehee this is amusing :D

mrslender I admire your abilty to troll and piss off random stupid people. *High five*

MrsLender_fml 3

Lol ! MrsTrolLender . I actually didn't mean to troll, just wrote a stupid comment and people went crazy yo!

I want to say that's rude but you spelt "you're" right... so I'm guy going to leave it.

aw man it's says "guy" instead of "going" also I was referring to the guy who thinks Miley Cyrus is hot

deliciouscake 3

people cry about useless first comments, and they cry about witty ones. good job #1.

it's still entertaining

You just inspired a nationwide facepalm lol I love sarcasm:)

spelt is also correct.

*epic facepalm*

53, you are an idiot. having pets can be very rewarding for humans

why would you reply to 53 on the first post, rather than replying to 53....

.....You're a Dumbass please don't reproduce. You'll be doing the world a favor

stupid, it was worth $2000

Why'd you leave it where he could get it?

right next to the spilled dog food.

Oh, get off your high horse.

This is why 53's parents should have gotten a dog instead of procreating him/her! :p

PrinceFroggy 0

lol YDI for having a dog that eats paper.

53, You are missing out on a LOT by hating Pet's and animals.

NagatoPain 4

wow that sux! FYL

DarkHelmet 10

Love the name too! Naruto is my shit!

enonymous 8

Don't write checks his ass can't cash's gonna cash it all right!! lol

W0 0

Haha the typical My dog ate it :P

Yeah afterwards he went for the homework.

Its for this kind of shit that I don't own a pet lmao

yeah it didn't work at school I font think it will work with the bank :p unlucky though mate

staceysgenesis16 0

well i dont think you should have left it sumwhere you know ur dog could have gotten , you should keep something that important on you at all times haha just saying

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lucas755 1

Who the hell carries a check with them? especially a $2000 check, probably the specially-issued, larger ones. While we're at it, let's bring all the jewelry, too.

staceysgenesis16 0

well wat i meant 90 was they should of kept the check if they werent going to have the check for a long period of time .. im assuming this person has a safe place for all of their valuable items

Your comment : dang that sucks. well now all u gotta do is wait an hour and you'll get it back. lol

tylerjs12 0

ur fault u left it out dont blame the dog

Ha lost it all on hookers and Gambling, That's why he is blaming the dog.

whoever wrote that check, can issue a new one if you explain what happened. still ydi, why would you let your dog cash it?!? lol

dethmagnetic1 0

Sir what happened to the check? Uh my dog ate it *click*

cindayy77 0

:o that sucks