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By  sexyaniknowit  |  7

He was probably bored and just wanted to have sex, and he figured the best way to get laid was by cooking you a romantic dinner.. Oh wait, that sounds like my husband.. Forget I said anything and be thankful that he at least thought of doing something sweet for you!

  Bunaf  |  4

How is he a shit husband? He wants to have sex with his wife, so he cooks a romantic dinner to facilitate it. Sounds better than a lot of husbands who just expect sex from their wives no matter what.

By  leannez  |  21

That sounds wonderful! A nice, quiet evening with a romantic dinner. Your husband should be on here complaining that you didn't appreciate the gesture. Not you complaining that he did something nice for you.

  ratorr2  |  23

So Alan, are you telling us that FML doesn't mean what we thought it meant? We thought the whole reason for coming here is to complain. It certainly didn't sound like she was bragging.

  Yourheadache  |  19

Ratorr, most of us use it to laugh about those crazy moments in our life that some of us can relate to, I agree with Alan, it does not seems like she was complaining.