By anonymous - 01/04/2012 18:38 - United States

Today, I was making love to my boyfriend, when he said "I love you, baby." I told him to go deeper, but instead of doing so, he decided to completely kill the mood by stopping and saying it again in a Barry White type voice. FML
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Perhaps he was hoping you'd say "I love you" back rather than "go deeper".

You did say go deeper, you just didn't specify how! Lol


Haha! Silly boyfriend! Barry White wasn't in Inception!

You are one lucky girl to have a guy like that. He sounds fun, agh i am jealous :(

For those who don't get it he used that tone of voice because it's deep.

#36 don't sound so down there are many fish in the sea

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64- there's also crabs if you're not careful.

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Yeah...OP has a boyfriend who loves her, has a sense of humor and is having sex with her. OP, you are a drama queen looking for a fight. Tell your boy to come talk to me when he's tired of your bs.

Maybe OP killed the mood by replying in a sloppy **** star phrase. I mean, it does sound sexy, but your boyfriend was displaying emotion; and no, not the deep kind.

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No #98 it actually makes sense: -78 degrees Hectaheit is the temperature that the element Thorium (Th) solidifies at. Since Thorium is found in cloudberries, which are white berries (a play on words of "Barry White"), your comment was obviously a well thought out and easily identifiable reference to the FML. Bravo, bravo

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Cue Austin powers music " I thank u"

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82- if your a girl you sound like a good gf :)

Oh. At first I thought Op meant Barry from 'storage wars'. I was like: WTF...

Perhaps he was hoping you'd say "I love you" back rather than "go deeper".

Don't call it "making love" if you can't say the words... Just call it rooting or screwing or something...

I like his approach at a joke, but I would have done things differently. If you were to say go deeper, I would say deeper things rather than just "I love you".

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WAHAHAHAA like #101 Trolololololololo

What is "go deeper?" She think he's only using his small wang and he's got a bigger one hidden?

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^ I love both the word and the act. It's also funny when yanks ask 'who do you root for?'

Today, while I was making love to my girlfriend, I whispered, "I love you, baby." Her only reply was "go deeper." FML

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Yep Aussies Like me love it lol

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Then get off this website, you're too young for it.

actually I'm not. I just don't like hearing details of other people's sex. forgive me

if i may add, just saying "go deeper" isnt much detail. how would that be tmi?

I think 3 was born in 2004 cause her username says 04.

Bitch, no one is gunna change how they do things just so you* are happy. Don't like it? Get off the site or just sit your ass in the corner with all the other people and just ignore it. Tmi, psh

maybe because for someone to react like that to OP just telling her man to go deeper, is a sign of immaturity because thats not detail at all ..

People like getting too much information when it comes to the intimacy category on FML. Some people even get aroused... Not that I would know...

jeez people. I'm 19. the 04 in my username isn't the year I was born. sorry it just rubbed me the wrong way. I'll keep my comments to myself next time. no need to call me a bitch. I apologize if I came off as one

I just see people as annoying idiots until they explain themselves. It's good, no hard feelings.

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Welcome to the internet. Shit gets crazy all up in here!

Aww, Michaelsgirl. Why did you apologize? Stand up for yourself. Your opinion was valid.

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This is the "Intimacy" section. Did you really think there wouldn't be any detail? Don't open Pandora's box if you're afraid to look inside.

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That's the point of FML is to get TMI.

You did say go deeper, you just didn't specify how! Lol

Well it's still kind of weird for him to lower the pitch of his voice...

Yeah..unfortunately this sounds like something I would do in bed. Sometimes I can't help it if the joke is worth it.

oy. I didn't get the joke til it was pointed out...whoops. well I feel like a dunderhead now

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I find people who can laugh in bed awesome to be with. My boyfriend and I laugh sometimes. Sex is supposed to be two (or more, if you like that) people enjoying each other's bodies. There's no rule saying those people must be serious the whole time.

hear, hear! ..would prob 'alter' the moment for me.. but that unexpected response would def be worth it! lol.. have a giggle then carry on/start again. Definitely not a FML..

Austin Powers is hilarious! Laugh it up!

"HOW DOES THAT FEEL, BABY?" "Mmm... lower!" "how does that feel, baby?" Haha!

UMBRIDGE!!!! You're my new favorite FMLer!!

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That just made my ******* night

Haha, I love a guy with a sense of humour xD

Well....he listened to you. Which is more than a lot of people can say about their spouses.

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I wonder what voice he would have done if you'd said deeper again?

Darth Vader voice....*ccccchhhhht* I'll love you...if you join me on the Dark Side!

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Then a black guy jumps into bed with them for a surprise three-some.

Morgan freeman, though nobody can do it as well as Morgan does

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Were you ******* Reverend Jim? (What does a yellow light mean? Look it up.)

Great comment, however the average FML user is WAY too young to understand it.

perdix 29

#68, you may be right, but "Who's on First?" was way before my time, but my elders led me to it. I'm just passing the torch on this comedy gem.

Wait wait the hell does Barry White kill the mood? That man was an aphrodisiac!

Barry White didn't kill the mood. OP's boyfriend stopping in the middle killed the mood, especially if he was going at her fast and she was about to hit the big O.