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Today, I looked into my sink's garbage disposal for the first time since I moved in two months ago. Apparently, the putrid smell was not the food I've been throwing down it, but instead, a now what appears to be mutilated litter of rats. FML
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AngryBeaver32 8

Mother of God, that's disturbing.

Holy shit I just threw up in my mouth. But for real though OP, I have a garbage disposal unit in my house, and anything substantial makes tons of noise, the squeals and the breaking of bones must have alerted you to something being gravely wrong, no?


thejewishfuhrer 17

That pun was completely intended. No one likes an intended pun. NO ONE.

I used to post stupid puns, but then i took an arrow in the knee.

desireev 17

24- That's what the meaning of a 'pun' is.. It's intended. If it wasn't, it wouldn't be a pun!! *sigh* There's no other way to explain it, really..

Michael_92 20

29- Don't you get it yet that arrow to the knee jokes never were and listen closely here NEVER WILL be funny.

splinter and his turtle sons are going to kick your ass

Chaos187 6

I used to make pun comments, but then I became a millionaire selling knee armor.

I used to make arrow to the knee jokes but then I grew a pair

That's so sad! I know they're rats and all and everyone thinks of them as pests, but they're still animals and still have feelings...what a horrible way to die! Poor little things!

**** the rats that must smell go get some HO in high concentration or a new sink

bamagrl410 31

70 - They carry extreme amounts of disease. How is that lovable in any way?

WhatIsLuck 6

What does that have to do with anything? Every single animal, including human beings, can carry a vast amount of diseases. Sure, a lot of rats are feral and are more of a nuisance than most species, but a domesticated rat can be just as lovable and playful as any pet, if not more. You just have to give them a chance!

AngryBeaver32 8

Mother of God, that's disturbing.

It's not everyday people find Master Splinter. Be patient, the turtles will be there soon.

AngryBeaver32 8

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Dang.. I accidentally thumbed up instead of down!

AngryBeaver32 8

I'm too big of a Tim and Eric fan not to have said this. *hangs head in shame*

Oh ratty ratty, I'll take you ooohhhooonnnnn! Rat's off to ya baby. Chin up with pride!!

Holy shit I just threw up in my mouth. But for real though OP, I have a garbage disposal unit in my house, and anything substantial makes tons of noise, the squeals and the breaking of bones must have alerted you to something being gravely wrong, no?

CalCommando 6

I can just hear the faded cries of their ancestors, screaming for justice. Like Infinity Blade.

bamagrl410 31

Not to mention the fact that dead rats do not smell anything like rotten food.

Well of course not, they smell like dead rats!

If they're babies (ie: pinkies) then there probably wouldn't be many bone crunching sounds, and as loud as a disposal is I'm not surprised you wouldn't hear it. Sucks for you, OP. That's both sad and gross.

Omgplz 3

I remember a few years ago someone stepped on a pinky baby rat in my school hallway and everyone thought it was a squished grape...

105.. Thats horribly disgusting.... And what the heck was a baby pink rat doing in your school!?

MissNicky_fml 0

Umm, many schools have rats or mice problems... retard.

Omgplz 3

There was one in the science lab that had babies and they escape.

lolmonster34 0

Omg that would be gross sucks you gotta clean it out....fyl

Airman1988 9

**** cleaning it, get the disposal replaced.

**** both of those ideas. Pour a whole bunch of bleach down it and leave it on til they're all gone down the drain!

Turn it on and leave it on. Pour in some drano for safe measure

noegginwayyy 5
Airman1988 9

I dont know how long I could stand living in a house that smelt like dead rat but definately wouldnt be 2 months before I was tearing the house apart trying to locate the smell.

Fancyy 0

Youu let the smell of rotten rats go on for two months...?

Michael_92 20

I'm to distracted by your adorable minnie mouse baby profile pic to care what you just had to say.

Well, now you have a reason to check your sink's garbage disposal more often!

GoW_Chick 14

Aww you brutally murdered rat babies, poor little fellas didn't know what hit them.

They're pests. If they were pet rats, I'd feel bad. Mine died overnight. Her skin was blue and I have no idea what killed her. I miss my rat. She was awesome.....

A wild rat or a pet rat they're both small animals just trying to survive. They don't plot and plan going "How am I going to ruin this person's day today?" They're just looking for something warm and safe, just like any other animal would. I feel like a lot of people say "They're pests" to somehow shift the blame onto the animal or make it seem like the animal has some kind of malicious intent to purposefully hurt/harm/annoy the person :/. So pet or wild, I feel really bad for them to meet their end in such a horrible fashion.