By driezal - 14/06/2009 04:19 - Canada

Today, I went out with a group of friends. I hadn't gone out in a few months since my fiancé left me. They promised me there wouldn't be drinking and would just be video game stuff. By 10pm, everyone was wasted, I got thrown up on and I had to walk home fifteen blocks. FML
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To all those that commented: "Why didn't you drink too? Party pooper!" Actually, I'm allergic to alcohol. I did have one drink, but anymore than that and my body starts to go into shock. Then it's a lovely trip to the hospital. Yep, I know, such a party pooper, eh? Thanks for the nice comments though. You guys get karma points.

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I think it's funny that although you already posted this comment, people are still going on about how they think you deserved it because you didn't drink. Sorry OP, this website is full of assholes.

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NEVER BELIEVE FRIENDS. At least not when it comes to large groups.


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NEVER BELIEVE FRIENDS. At least not when it comes to large groups.

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why didn't u get wasted to??

when do girls play video games ...smells fake

Friends are never trustworthy. Drunk friends are even worse.

The drinking part I think you would have seen coming? But everything else, yeah that sucks. =[

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No wonder your fiance left you. You sound like kind of a bore. Sorry if I come across too strong, but don't you realize guys like girls who know how to have fun once in awhile? But as for the throw-up and fiance part, those do suck though.

awwwwww poor you!!! but HAHAHAH still that was funny u could have beat them up and they wouldn't have known its youuuuu

quit being a pussy and go out and get laid.

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I would taken the closest keys and dipset out