By Aaron Lewis - 07/07/2012 05:01 - United States - Topeka

Today, I bumped into a man on the street. I apologized and he picked up his wallet. To clear the awkward silence, I pointed out that his wallet looked like mine. It wasn't until I was on the next street that I realized it was my wallet. FML
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TheFamilyElf 17

You poor, naive, innocent soul. ...What a lucky pickpocket.

HonestTruth 5

I have no words besides these: Look at my avatar.


Listerinekiss_fml 7

Wow op either that pick pocket is really bold or you're really naive because he allowed you to see that wallet on the ground and you didn't even recognize it be careful op he's probably gonna get you again

The_F3rris 11

Yeah, pick pockets aren't like lightning. They DO strike again!

But if he stood there holding the wallet, and there was enough time for there to even be an awkard silence, I can't help but wonder if the man had even planned on taking it at first.

citymayer 7

Agreed. He's either trying to find OP to get it back to him or he's laughing bc OP is kind of stupid. Check your belongings!!!

Always check before you put your wallet back in your pocket

For some weird reason I read this with a very strong English accent. Sounds awfully civilized what what.

Must have been quite a bump for your wallet to fall out. Too bad your name isn't Carl, otherwise you could have quickly sprinted back and catch the theaving cunt. FYL Mr. Lewis.

perdix 29

You bump into a guy "on the streets," as you put it, and see a familiar-looking wallet on the ground. What made you assume it was his?

His mental defect.

OP sees the good in people. Nothing wrong with that...except when they pick your pocket.

For some reason, this made think of a scene from Pulp Fiction. "Which wallet is yours?" The one that says Bad Motherf**ker.

Pwned. That sucks, OP.

Op/Aaron, I'm sorry to tell you this but, you didn't bump into this guy accidentally: he deliberately bumped into you so you wouldn't notice him pickpocketing you. You wouldn't have even realized it until much later if he didn't butter fingers the wallet and drop it after lifting it from you. The awkward silence was him thinking he got caught and then hardly believing his good fortune that you didn't clue in it was yours. Sorry Op, you got conned, twice. :p