By cbarebo - 11/10/2009 17:21 - United States

Today, I went in my room to play my guitar. I found my Les Paul on the floor with all the strings missing. I later found out my grandma cut them off because I was playing "Devil's Music." FML
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wowwww. tell her that she owes u the money for it now xD

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I don't think Grandma's familiar with the Golden Rule. I say you steal her knitting needles. That'll show her.


wowwww. tell her that she owes u the money for it now xD

The fact that Elixirs are $10 a pack for electric strings doesn't change the fact that they're susceptible to a wire cutter. Same goes for any other strings you buy for a guitar. In this case, it doesn't matter if OP was using cheap Wal*Mart strings or Elixirs, they got cut regardless.

Yeah. I was just trying to recommend a good brand... And strings are more like $15 or 20 a set.

elixers cost ten bux and last about 3 months (if you play alot), and they have a great sound that lasts longer.

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Tell her, (even if it's not true): My guitar is my life...and you cut the strings. I'll remember that when you're dying in the hospital hooked up to machines...I'll cut the strings for you. EPIC WIN

Make her pay for new ones, if not break something of hers.

Wow 34#, that's really cruel for $5 or $10 guitar strings. How do you go through life with thoughts like that ? :x I hope you're not hated...

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it was a joke...I know guitar strings only cost like $10...I have one myself. Yamaha AEX 500

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ahhahahahahahahahahah poooneed :D jUST WAKE HER UP BY PLAYING AND WHEN SHE GETS MAD, WHACK OVER THR HEAD WITH IT :) ( it's in caps on accident can't be bothered to retype t)

YDI for not taking better care of your guitar.

Ouch! If you pull that one off OP then you are my hero.

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SUE HER FOR IT! you can do it!

maybe she will leave them for u in her will?

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old people can be so ******* annoying

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omg if you are anything like me(I play guitar too) then this would've been terrible I'm sorry:(

Damn, is your grandma amish or something?

oh my god your grandma cut your 10 dollar strings what a horrible life

I'm a little more concerned that it was on the floor.

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Exactly. Guitar strings cut, whatever Les Paul on the floor? Yikes.

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Whats wrong with it being on the floor??? Nothing, and yea, this isnt a FML at all..... $10 strings??? If your that hard up for cash then I might start a donation here at the and give it to someone who really needs it....

197, I'm guessing you don't play guitar because a Les Paul is very expensive and should never touch the ground.

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well gud for you, give yourself a cookie

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She's a little big for a cookie, don't you think?

give ur self two since 216 is an a-hole ^_^

Stupid bitch, I'd break her hip and tell her it was the devils idea.

Wah, ******* wah. How about you save up and buy a titanium set so this doesn't happen again. But seriously though, $10 and about 7 minutes of your time has been wasted. You whiny bitch. Oh and to #4, you're having as much of a strop as the OP. Grow up.

You dont get it do you? The point isnt the strings, its that the les paul was found on the floor. It was probably scratched or chipped on its way there, or scratched by the grandma's scissors or whatnot.

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Oh no! Not the Floor! Dun dun dunnn. It's a floor. If it did any damage then the guitar was a piece of shit in the first place.

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Yes, Gibson Les Paul is the ultimate piece of shit. -_- retard... The floor might not have been carpeted or was tile. In that case it easily could be damaged.

"Wah-*******-wah"? My guitar makes that sound too!

It never said Gibson, it very well might be an epiphone "special" (shudders). Also, this is why you don't leave guitars out. Or get ones that can't stand a few scratches. Tele's don't look good until there's no paint left on the front.

win!! I use ESP,that company makes guitars which can play some real demon music!!

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I don't think Grandma's familiar with the Golden Rule. I say you steal her knitting needles. That'll show her.

**** your grandma for being a religious freak

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so hating the devil makes her religious? hmmmmm

Yes it does. For non-religious people, the devil doesn't exist. Idiot.

Generally that would be the assumption when your grandma goes around breaking guitar strings because she believes her grandson plays "Devil music." Just saying. Then again it IS just an assumption, but an assumption that can be well backed, I guess. ;D

Some people here don't know what religious means. :o I believe in God, and I'm not religious.

re·li·gious (rĭ-lĭj'əs) adj. 1. Having or showing belief in and reverence for God or a deity. 2. Of, concerned with, or teaching religion: a religious text. 3. Extremely scrupulous or conscientious: religious devotion to duty. So what you are saying is, you believe in God, you just don't care for him much?

Yeah #36, you're religious for believing in an imaginary character in the sky.

That was a really original comment!!! I cant belive nobody has mentioned that in the past 76 comments!!! Thank you for your contribution!!"

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#16, Well, considering that the devil doesn't exist... Yeah.

Hahahaah, how are these all moderated?

Comment Mod- What the ****'s going on here?

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PUT HER IN A RETIREMENT HOME! One where they force elderly people to pick cotton.

Sounds like that old episode of Proud's Family on Disney. Edit: Oops didn't know I posted twice. Thought it didn't post.

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The Proud's weren't picking cotton because they were retired...

Seriously? Guitar strings aren't very expensive. Replace them - it isn't hard. This is in no way an FML - if she had damaged the guitar itself, then it'd be worthy, but strings? Come on!

i'd say that the fml is in the fact that his grandma is a religious freak ok?

yeah, but removing all the strings at once can warp the fretboard, dumbass

The fretboard will start to warp if the tension the strings create is missing for an extended period of time. A day or two won't hurt. If anything, the most the OP will have to do is a slight truss rod adjustment, and I doubt he'll even need to for this, since I assume he plays it every day, and his grandma probably cut them that same day.

Feck off troll - it takes time for the fingerboard to warp. Wood shift takes time, and if it took enough time for him to notice his unstrung guitar such that it were permanently and noticeably damaged, he should not be playing a Les Paul in the first place. He found the guitar in his bedroom - it is almost a certainty that he found it within 12 hours, and as such, any damage would be temporary and microscopic, fixed simply by the reapplication of the tension of new strings. On the off-chance that he didn't return for several days, there exists a thing called a truss rod, which exists for the express purpose of correcting neck warp. I suggest you learn more of wood as well as guitars before correcting someone. I do feel sorry for OP having to deal with his grandma, I just don't feel it is an FML

Yeah run screaming from the bible belt bitch before she starts burning crosses on peoples lawns

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hey guitar strings can cost around thirty dollars for the set. and it's bitchy to restringing a guitar completely

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Haha that's what I was thinking, it would be A TON worse if you have a Floyd Rose. Such a pain to restring. But still, FYL, hope you can restring it before the neck warps

The fretboard is designed to have the tension of the strings on it. Removing them all at once can warp it, which decreases the sound quality.

Whilst you're right that it can warp the neck, it does happen instantly. You can leave it stringless for about a day.