By GirlishMan1883897 - 24/07/2010 10:53 - United States

Today, my girlfriend of 2 years broke up with me because she said I was more of a woman than she was. I yelled out, "I HATE YOU!" and started to cry. She then took a tampon out of her purse, handed it to me, laughed, and walked away. FML
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Lindsaykae 0

hahahahahahahhaha man periods.

Emotions suck sometimes, especially when you can't control them. FYL but I understand your pain.


Lindsaykae 0

hahahahahahahhaha man periods.

puppyloverpeace 1

lol sux for you but that's kinda funny!

Virus963 5

Manstration See what I did there?

Trupe 3

Lol man up dude. You sound like some whiny ass kid. I doubt she's the only woman in the world.

I like your choice of gender for posting too. Besides there's a good reason that men don't get periods. They'd all be comparing the size if their tampons.

pntbttr 0

lmao he put his gender as female

Mack7273 0

hahahaha wow I bet your a real winner. funny though.

wastland247 0

LOL! reminds me of my ex. however the last thing she did was rude. so FYL for that but YDI for not having a pair. I bet you wear girl pants don't you?

ps everyone should moderate and approve the FML about the girls uncle who committed suicide and her douche bag bf

I best not say anything about the femininity of this FML eh?..

Hahaha, that literally made me laugh so hard.

vballerlover07 0

Wow, most people on here can't read. OP is obviously either a bisexual or a lesbian. OP is not a man. And no, OP is not a guy that put their gender as a girl just so people wouldn't really think much of it, she really is a girl. There is such a thing as same sex relationships. People these days are very ignorant.

It does say she's a woman, I believe.

How do you know for certain? OP could be a man who accidentally clicked wrong. Then again, OP could indeed be a woman. But then I don't really get why she would get upset by her girlfriend telling her OP is more of a girl than said girlfriend. Unless ofcourse OP is transgender or transsexual and prefers to be seen as a man. We don't really get enough information from OP to decide on whether OP is a he or a she. So not really anything obvious about it for those who don't know OP in their daily lives.

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don't worry op when you go through manopause you won't be quite as feminine.

Trupe 3

Well to all you people saying the op is a girl, look at the name. GirlishMAN. Therefore op is a guy. Case closed.

sind3r3la 0

mack7273 ur suuuuper hott;) oh and ydi for being such a pussy

u look like Justin bieber sorry that was rude of me

Graawr 7

@98 but op's name says "girlishman". I just think it means "a girly man".

missmurderx 8

ah, op, you just made my day! :D and 46, there's nothing wrong with wearing girl pants/ skinny jeans. I find them unbelievably sexy on guys. :)

haha good one #1, and that was a fail wow I HATE YOU!!! lol

hippiechick96 3

well 98, it did put the name as girlishman so I'm guessing it's a he.

MeAlec 1

haha grow some balls you pussy

allen2020 0

their lesbians you idiots! look at the female sign

The names "Girlishman" meaning a girly man :P OP's a guy..

StopTheFuckinCar_fml 0

Trupe, no this isn't a 'case closed'. she could very well be a lesbo & was the 'man' in the relationship but ended up being too lipstick for her lipstick-lesbo girlfriend & the gf wanted more 'buck' than 'becky'... or OP is a man, but there is no way of knowing for sure unless OP told us what's really true.

it's a straight guy who put there sign as a female to make it more funny.

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119 - you beat me to it haha. who's ignorant now BITCHES.

73: Not all of us. I got yer horny sleazy shit right here, bitch! *grunt*

v1kt4r 13

Hahaha roflmao made my day

I don't understand some girls, you don't like us when we're dicks, you don't like us hen we're *******, so what are we supposed to be, trannies?

#197, I think there are more personalities than just "*******" and "dicks". I assume that a girl would like a guy who isn't a pussy, but isn't a dick either. You know, a nice guy who has a backbone. They do exist, trust me, and are in high demand. Maybe you could aspire to be one someday? Perhaps then you'd get some action, and wouldn't feel so bitter and misunderstood by the female race. As for the OP, he was not acting like a woman, he was acting like a 5 year old. What kind of response is "I HATE YOU"? Kind of reminds me of Kevin and Perry.

metalfan333 0

This is so funny-- my first favorite FML, Congrats!

italiatinkerbell 0

88 = win btw I'm a lipstick lesbian and I have more balls then u, op... u have two choices. either grow a pair or ask if u can borrow mine

98 you're obviously the one that can't read. notice that the username is "girlishMAN." next time you decide to call people ignorant, you might want to check yourself.

yorkiegirl1691 0

73, he seems ideal... a tender man who cares for you and does all these sweet things! what could be better, right...? it's actually really annoying, the man tends to be very clingy- from what I dealt with- and sometimes you just want a MAN and not a pussy. I'm surprised the OP's gf dealt with that for so long :)

What the **** type of guy yells I hate you? You're a Pansy.

98-too bad that makes no sense with this version of FML. "Oh no my girlfriend told me I'm like a girl when I am a girl and handed me a tampon for my ****** (which I have) to add insult to injury!" that makes no sense. People aren't being ignorant, take a breather, sit the next few rounds out, relax and understand that everyone knows that people can be and are gay. You sound pretty ignorant, as you'd put it. I can go change my profile as well and say I'm male, when I'm not. Also, note his name "girlishman"...seems simple to understand.

137-I can't figure out where they put their junk in skinny jeans which automatically makes them unattractive. No bulges or anything...I guess if I wanted a guy with a vag or what appears to be a vag I'd like it. It will put the lotion in the basket or it will get the hose again!!!!

pussy. hand over ur mancard. right now

lol Omg op this is wayy funny but you need to man up !

pure, wholesome prudish fun is boring. i'm not gonna lie, i know most women are so oversensitive i can't even hang out with them. i guess im part of that 8% that doesnt want a woman in a mans body :)

Randaahh 0

phineas and ferb is the bestest cartoon EVER!!!!!!!

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M4V3R1CKR13 0

lololololololmao 16 epic win!!!!

98 why would he care if she said she was more of a man than he was if he was a girl? you ignorant:D

XDDDD What did you do with the tampon? ;)

hahhahahahahahahahahahahah my roflcopter goes soisoisoisoisoisoisoisoisoi

well, all you have to do is grow a pair.

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jearojas 4

dude this is now one of my favorite FMLs

ahaha wow ur ex gf ftw but seriously fyl

maybe it's time to come outa the closet lolol

lol dude that's funny I hate him so much

backstroke100 0

Did you guys not notice that a girl posted this?!?!?

kelliejellie 3

ahahahahahahahaha grow some balls

xtfauthorx 0

No it says OP is a guy! And if boys had periods it would be hilarious! They would finally feel the pain women do!

Sun_Kissed18 25

That's not being wipped at all, that's being a girly-man, or overly-sensitive man

puppyloverpeace 1

Emotions suck sometimes, especially when you can't control them. FYL but I understand your pain.

Angelita_tita 0

That's when icecream comes in handi:)