By gross - 15/07/2016 03:06 - United States - Cuyahoga Falls

Today, after giving a potential employee a drug test and instructing her to leave her urine sample in the bathroom, she not only brought it into the office, she spilled it on the front desk. FML
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That would really "piss" me off.

I think wee all agree that that's really unpleasant. Still, you'd bladder clean that up before it starts to smell.


That would really "piss" me off.

Damn, 10 hours too late.

Admit it, everyone of us were thinking this... Congrats on being top comment.

Don't these comments usually get downvoted to oblivion?

I think wee all agree that that's really unpleasant. Still, you'd bladder clean that up before it starts to smell.

Have the whole office sanitized!!

Or maybe just the front desk and floor?

Naga... Naga... Nnnnagaworkhereanymore (laughter)

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drugs are bad mmkay..

Look, Office Space is awesome, but that reference just doesn't work in this situation.

But did they get the job?

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And did she have to pee in the cup again? Or was she simply shown the door after that? So many questions!

Asking the real questions here

Something tells me that she won't be getting the "you're hired" call.

that's a pretty slack drug test. when ever i have to do one they stand within 5 feet away from you and pretty much only let you touch your zipper

Where do you take drug tests... The only thing they've ever done for me is telling me to not take a bag in.

in Australia they pretty much stand over your shoulder.

I worked at a staffing agency (as I think OP probably does too -- we had the same problem a LOT, though no spills) and people were always shocked when we just had them leave their bag outside or empty their pockets. I had to TELL some people to close the door. I get worrying about fakes, but considering 98% of our (relatively few) positives were just weed, I never felt like it was necessary to completely dehumanize someone like that, you know?

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Urine is sterile. OP will need to clean up so it doesn't smell bad, but sanitizing is overkill.

@20: That's actually a myth. The moment it leaves your body it gets contaminated with loads of stuff that's on the surface of your vulva. It's only (mostly) sterile while still in the bladder. Not considering things like bacteria from UTI etc.

Heck in the Army the tester has his face close enough to get splashback

In some species that's considered marking your territory :)

Sounds like that person should be made ceo

Well i take it she's lost her chance?