By Anonymous - 18/12/2014 22:45 - United States - Traverse City

Today, I found out my girlfriend and all of our friends have begun referring to the time I was meant to lose my virginity, but couldn't get hard, as the "cheese stick incident." They all think it's hilarious, and the worst part is that it's actually a pretty appropriate description. FML
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On the plus side, cheese sticks are delicious. Maybe that will work in your favor?

You cheddar make it work next time.


Aw cheese, better luck next time.

On the plus side, cheese sticks are delicious. Maybe that will work in your favor?

Sweet dreams are made of cheese...

who am i to diss a brie

cheese stop this.

One of these puns is the grater one.

Munsters. The lot of you. You Colby jacked the conversation!

These cheese puns make me blue...

Sounds Gouda to me!

these puns made my day

OP, are you Jack? ...from Monterey?

Unless she's lactose intolerant.

These cheesy puns are unbrielivable. Too Gouda to be true in fact. I believe they'll get fetta with age though.

I harvarti think its the time for such cheesy puns. If you all keep this up, you'll end up forever provolone. Now say your prayers, rub the Gouda's belly, and meditate on your actions.

Well put 16, well put indeed

You guys really shredded this comment thread

Grilled cheezus crust...

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I'm just trying to wonder how all your friends know about this?

OP said his girlfriend and friends. So I'm assuming his girlfriend blabbed..?

19990231 29

At least he didn't cut the cheese

#30: Actually that would probably be much less humiliating for the OP.

You cheddar make it work next time.

Rawrshi 25

Gouda pun! I snickered and I'm not sorry.

Stop feeling so bleu. Cheese your sensitive.

these puns are cheesy no? fine. I'll stay over here provalone.

I'm sorry they aren't sensitive to your feelings. But in all honesty, it's quite common for one's first time to not be good, or to be embarrassing. I know mine was. Try your best to not let the remarks bother you. It's only fun to pick on someone if you get a reaction out of it.

agreed, if you laugh and joke about it too it will make you less insecure about it, and take some of the pressure off you to perform well next time. Plus if they see it doesn't bother you the fun will wear off for them and they'll stop. Sorry to hear that happened to you, but it really isn't uncommon and you shouldn't let it get to you.

I bet that makes you feel very secondairy

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My deepest condolences.

Did you also get bleu balls?

Your friends are really extra-sharp when it comes to descriptions, eh? Happens to some of us, it's something to work on but nothing to be ashamed of.

That's horrible that your girlfriend would talk to your friends about something personal for you two! My condolences OP.

Nothing said it was personal to them, just hat t happened. Could of bee last gf.