By Anonymous - / Thursday 18 December 2014 22:45 / United States - Traverse City
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  cre8tvlylicnsd  |  14

I harvarti think its the time for such cheesy puns. If you all keep this up, you'll end up forever provolone.
Now say your prayers, rub the Gouda's belly, and meditate on your actions.

  Rawrshi  |  25

Gouda pun!

I snickered and I'm not sorry.

By  cheeeksss  |  29

I'm sorry they aren't sensitive to your feelings. But in all honesty, it's quite common for one's first time to not be good, or to be embarrassing. I know mine was. Try your best to not let the remarks bother you. It's only fun to pick on someone if you get a reaction out of it.


agreed, if you laugh and joke about it too it will make you less insecure about it, and take some of the pressure off you to perform well next time. Plus if they see it doesn't bother you the fun will wear off for them and they'll stop.

Sorry to hear that happened to you, but it really isn't uncommon and you shouldn't let it get to you.

By  Eliseopwns  |  22

My deepest condolences.

By  R2Y2  |  22

Your friends are really extra-sharp when it comes to descriptions, eh?

Happens to some of us, it's something to work on but nothing to be ashamed of.

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