By wtf - 26/08/2012 05:03 - New Zealand - Invercargill

Today, my boyfriend broke up with me by picture, during a game of Draw Something. FML
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Looks like you're out of the picture.

What was it that had drawn you to such a jerk in the first place?


What was it that had drawn you to such a jerk in the first place?

must have been "something" about him.

Probably his colorful personality

You should have responded back by drawing a middle finger

1 I had to read your comment 3 times before I understood it, lol

I don't want to draw conclusions to soon, but "something" might be fishy about this ^.^

Did you guess it correctly? I think the word was probably 'single'

Just sext him a pic of your other lover di*k. Make him feel tiny :p

I had to read it a few times too

I love how 23 blatantly ended the combo.

I see what you all did there!

He was such a keeper..

what you did there. I see it.

Your boyfriend must not be very well with communication.... You don't need him anyway!!

I guess he didn't want a long, drawn out break up. Just a drawn out one.

Maybe he just couldn't pull off the art of love anymore.

Did OP at least guess the word?

39. I think the word was something like single now or something along those lines.

FYL for still playing draw something...

59- Just because someone doesnt like the same games as you doesnt automatically make them losers! You cant F her life because she plays it still! Alot of people i know do!

2. How did you draw that conclusion?

What a douche. Sorry OP, but someone who doesn't at least break up face to ace doesn't deserve you! Move on!

Which part of your body is ace???

That question is rhetorical XD

Face to arse?

Sorry guys, meant "face", blame my fat finger syndrome :-)

I'm curious as to what he drew to break up with you.

Since that app shows the drawing process, maybe he wrote "me and you" then erased the "and you" part. Either that or he was boring and wrote "we're over"

Maybe she misinterpreted and the word was break up or single? It's probably all just one big misunderstanding.... Or not

I hope she got it right, I'd hate to see their streak end.

He is a jerk for not doing it in a better way. He was really inconsiderate. I'm sorry.

Looks like you're out of the picture.

Until the next game of draw something!

That's drawsome.

There's only enough room for one Doodle Master in this relationship, sorry OP.

That's drawful :(

So was that joke

Yes It was and still is.

31- I don't know. Was that question?