By PghSportsNation - 2/9/2011 14:56 - United States
Today, I awoke to my cat with micro pellets all over him. He'd destroyed a pillow containing them, and now there are thousands of these pellets throughout the entire house. My vacuum is broken. FML
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Is that how you use that frase, " get to steppin' "? I always thought that it was a stupid way of telling someone to fuck off, like scram or kick rocks. Was it just me? Anyone else? No takers, no?


I can just imagine the owner when te see the little white balls all over, "oh no! OH NO!!! Oh No!!!!" And the kitty with a wicked grin busts through a wall and says "ohh yeeeaaahh(said in kool-aid man's voice)". And then the owner hits the kitty in it's stomach with a baseball bat and the kitty's kool-aid juice spills all over the ground. The owner screams(in Cartman's voice) "bad kitty!!!!!!"

Like that? South Park and Family guy reference all in one comment.


41: yes, as I addressed it in 35, say the frase out loud to yourself right now pronouncing the "G" in "stepping". Now pronounce it without the "G" as in "steppin". Does or does it not sound like someone going through a mid-life crisis with the "G" pronounced?


41, 49, 51: I know I spelt "phrase" wrong. It was intentional due the OP's usage of "broke" instead of "broken" at the end of their FML, but the FML has been moderated now so my joke doesn't make sense. Hopefully now you will understand.


67- Think whatever you want. If I made a grammatical error I would have said that I am a fucking idiot and crawled back in my corner. It was an intentional joke. If you don't get it or believe it, that's your problem not mine.
And it's actually Mrs now, i just got married the 19th. =)) I should put that on my profile.


It's not even that bad of a situation... You just need to get off your ass and instead of writing this fml put some effort into it and just get it over with. Would take someone 10 minutes, big deal.

  HomeAl0ne  |  20

No, just rub your cat with a balloon to charge it up with static electricity and let in wander around the house until it resembles a large foam ball with legs.

  loserman67  |  35

The ball pit at McDonald's???? The ball pit that the little kids piss in and wipe their booger fingers in??? You actually go into that den of filth??? I hope your tetanus shots are up to date.....

  ShroomsOnAcid  |  16

Only if you don't know how to deal with them, or if they've been raised to fear/hate humans. You gotta earn their friendship. If you want an unconditional little slave, get a dog.