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By Anonymous - 02/08/2020 20:01

Today, my wife demanded that I cut all ties with my best friend, just because she doesn't like the jokes he tells. Now she's bitching that she's upset because his wife, who she works with, is talking about her. FML
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While I’m not for anyone bossing anyone around, I just wonder what kind of jokes they are. If they’re offensive jokes, it might be a little different.

You're literally the first person to say something intelligent on this thread.


man fuck what she says

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whatd she think was going to happen?

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so let me get this straight, your an adult who is being bossed around because your wife doesn't like someone? might want to check to see if your balls are still there

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I believe it’s a form of abuse to control who your partner is friends with. If it’s not, it’s at least a hugely asshole thing to do and your wife deserves the consequences of attempting to. Definitely FYL, sorry you’re dealing with that.

While I’m not for anyone bossing anyone around, I just wonder what kind of jokes they are. If they’re offensive jokes, it might be a little different.

You're literally the first person to say something intelligent on this thread.

Yes and no. While I do agree there could be something wrong with the type of jokes told, demanding to cut all ties with said person is not the way to do it. Also, her second response makes no sense either, because that sounds like a reaction she could have expected to happen.

Uhm what? You realize one doesn't negate the other or make it ridiculous that she wouldn't like that the woman is talking shit about her. I don't know what kind of jokes if they were abusive or offensive it makes sense she wouldn't want that guy around. If his wife has decided to talk crap because your wife can't stand her husband well your wife has every right to complain about that. Welcome to adulthood. Not everyone gets along. there are important details missing from this. Ultimately it seems more an FML on your wife's life than yours.

The FML sounds like the friends wife heard about OP's wife talking about how she dislikes the friend and is making comments in response. putting OP in the middle of it. If OP's wife made comments about the friend and now doesn't like the wife talking bad about it... to bad? I mean if you're big enough to hit, you're big enough to get hit back, even with words... Now all that said if she says he can't bring his friend to their place for reasons they should talk about that, but she cant say they cant be friends because she doesn't like the friend.

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I don’t understand why in this culture, some people have this notion of “you handle your shit” and “I’ll handle mine”. You got married to stay separated when it comes to the real shit? In the case the friend/outsider is being offensive, such as calling the wife names, or making assumptions about wife - then boot them. Be responsible. Why be spineless and keep someone around who is rude towards your SO? Why does some part of today’s culture become so individualist that they lose the spine to stand up for their own partner? So yes Grizz, while no one has a right to tell anyone to do anything. Some people need to use their spine and make decisions that support justice. I mean this should happen with friendships too, not just partnership. I don’t understand why I would be friends with someone who is continuously rude or disrespectful (without good reason) to someone else. Be responsible and stop normalizing toxicity.

I'm sure she'll complain about having to carry around your cock and balls around in her purse.

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Well what kind of jokes were they? Because if they were offensive and/or about her I can understand her being upset. BUT she should’ve told him she doesn’t like those jokes. Not just demand you stop being his friend. AND if you knew she didn’t like them, you as her husband should’ve said something as well and asked that he not say those kind of jokes around your wife.

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We need more information here. I briefly had a friend who, while drunk, decided to tell a "hilarious" story about him pissing on a sleeping homeless guy. Another "friend" pulled a knife on someone as a "joke". Those were shit people and their "jokes" made that super clear. Neither of them were ever invited back to the gatherings where they chose to act that way, so if that's the kind of "jokes" your friend is telling and you're defending him, you're both shit people too. And so's RichardPencil, who apparently thinks physically abusing women is hi-larious, by-the-by.