By Lilo4life - 06/08/2015 15:18 - United States - San Francisco

Today, I discovered that I am just tall enough and my hair is just long enough, to get caught in the ceiling fan if I flip it over to dry it. FML
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mds9986 24

Human helicopter

I have long hair. This is my biggest fear come true


mds9986 24

Human helicopter

Ouch, I imagine that being very painful, OP.


I have long hair. This is my biggest fear come true

triplebeerox 27

I would get really freaked out if something like that happened to me. What ended up happening? Did some hair get torn out?

HeadlessSparrow 20

oh no, the fan probably just ripped off from the ceiling

Yikes, hope you and your hair are alright!

get it on video, and follow up with the link.

I don't think OP would ever want to experience this again, especially not for the enjoyment of random people

Maybe it's long enough to donate for making a wig?

Holy shit are you okay?

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dylanhasemann413 8

So did the hair dry?

My scalp hurts from reading this. But wow you must be quite tall, have long hair, or just really short ceilings.