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Today, I asked my mother if I could have my boyfriend sleep over for Valentine's day weekend. Her response? "If you're on your period he can. Unless he's into that. Then no." FML
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If you have to ask your mom to have your boyfriend over, you're probably too young to be ******* anyways. Oh wait, this is 2013, ten year olds are getting knocked up now. Go at it!

pheebs314 17

I wouldn't want to have sex with a menstrual cup in... That sounds like a good way to end up explaining to a doctor why you have a menstrual cup lodged in your cervix.


That's gross. Do some guys actually like that?

#1 yes sadly some men do like it. It's sounds nasty (at least I think so) but some men are into it

jewfroditmer 7

I don't think it's usually something they like, just something they don't care so much about.

They now have menstrual cups on the market that can be worn up to 12 hours without leaking. If you chose to, a woman can have "clean" sex without blood getting anywhere. I'm surprised more people don't know about it.

pheebs314 17

I wouldn't want to have sex with a menstrual cup in... That sounds like a good way to end up explaining to a doctor why you have a menstrual cup lodged in your cervix.

It's designed to be safe. Not to get too personal, but I've never had problems with them for the past year. I see some people don't seem to appreciate my comment but some will. I'm grateful for learning about this product. I hated worrying about my period interfering with my sex life. :P

I think I have read about those menstrual cups, I Think they were even on sale! But those menstrual cups sounds kinda nasty (who am I to say, I get grossed out by the smallest things)

pheebs314 17

24- I totally appreciate the anecdotes actually. I wouldn't want to try it myself, but its good to know its an option. I just wouldn't want to risk it...

What risk? If it helps to know, they're similar in shape to what a --birth control diaphragm looks like. Nothing is going up your cervix. :P (Okay, on to other topics)

zumare 3

I do it with my girlfriend in the shower only lol

It really isn't a big deal although a lot of women are too uncomfortable at that time of the month to enjoy it.

Some men are mature enough that they can handle having sex with the woman they love while she's on her period. Clearly you wouldn't know anything about that. It's not like women turn into gushing fountains of blood when they're menstruating, it comes out slowly. I've had sex while on my period before, and although we always put a towel down just in case, usually nothing gets on it. It's not as bad as a lot of people seem to think it is.

90 - Pretty much my experience. I haven't had a period in three years (on Depo for endometriosis), but before, my partner just didn't care. He wasn't especially turned on by it or anything, but after the first day of bleeding (which is usually the heaviest - and the day we'd avoid), there was almost no blood at all. Certainly no more than when I lost my virginity, anyway. It just didn't matter enough for us to avoid having sex for an entire week. Just keep some hypoallergenic baby wipes on hand, and you're golden.

22 - it is really, REALLY difficult to get ANYTHING through your cervix. It isn't designed for that. Trust me, I've had two uterine biopsies where they shove a tiny little tube through your cervix. My screaming freaked out the entire emergency room. A menstrual cup is NOT going up there. Not a chance in hell.

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It's called "earning your red wings" it's not a preferred way to do it but its not stopping us from bang bang bang

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90- while this is the exception and not the rule, my self, all my family and several of my friends have what we refer to as floods. It IS gushing and impossible to change tampons or pad without getting blood on yourself. If you can go through a regular in 15 minutes and a super plus in 1 1/2-2 hours, I wouldn't recommend trying it. So I can see why some people would be turned off. Frankly I'd rather not end up covered in blood, even if the sex is great. Just my opinion though.

KiddNYC1O 20

There's a fetish for just about anything repulsive you can think of. Scary world, I know...

#1 & #109, I used to be friends with this guy that had an extreme fetish for a woman on her cycle. (as well as the blood) He'd always "coincidentally" want to hang around when I was on my period. He actually ended up attempting to get into my pants. Quite aggressively, I might add. And that's how I got this scar on my knuckles, and why we haven't spoken in years.

Ouch, sorry to hear that 116. I wouldn't have sex on my period because my sister and I get horrendously bad cramps, meds don't help much either.

#117 I heard that sex helps some women with cramps. But I wouldn't know. I haven't had intercourse yet.

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Red wings. Dude. Red wings. Lol

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129 - That is sometimes the case, but it depends on how bad the cramps are to begin with. I had such bad cramps when I started having my period that I'd actually pass out from the pain. My doctor put me on birth control when I was 15 (I hadn't even held hands with a guy at that point), and when I was 24 we found out the cause: endometriosis. It hasn't been a problem in years (I've been on the Depo shot for a few years to completely stop my periods), but if I were having cramps like that, I wouldn't want my partner coming too close. I have a good friend with PCOS who also used to have horrible, horrible cramps. The first day of her period she'd stay home from school because she'd be puking all day from the pain. And I wager that, if you're puking, you don't want anyone in or around your lady parts.

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I thought it was referred to as a man earning his "red wings".

I've been known to go swimming in the Red Sea, a couple times..

There's infinite number of fetishes. Menstruation is probably one of the harmless ones.

Unless you're pregnant and in labor and dilated, a menstrual cup can't get "lodged in your cervix." It's barely able to open to accommodate a fingertip when a woman is ovulating, which is when hormones cause it to soften and open slightly. I have no idea why women are not taught about their own reproductive organs in health class.

Yes. Girls typically are 10x hornier on their periods, and if there's a shower right after or during, why not?

have you ever heard of "vampire ****"

You shouldn't have asked, just sneak him in.

Imhere4fml 24

Oh yeah, make things worse for OP.

I tried that once and it didn't end well at all.. Her dad thought I was a thief at first

RedPillSucks 31

Yeah. That's a great way to get shot. I can hear the conversation now *Honest, officer. I thought he was a burgler or a rapist*

twaumat 28

because of ass faces like you girls get pregnant.

If you have to ask your mom to have your boyfriend over, you're probably too young to be ******* anyways. Oh wait, this is 2013, ten year olds are getting knocked up now. Go at it!

She could be 18 and still living at home, that's not too young to have sex. it's respectful to whoever you're staying with to ask permission

BlackBlazeCobra 16

Don't assume OP is young just because she had to ask. Parents can be very strict about an SO, no matter what age you are. She could be young or her mom is strict.

I'm 20 and still live at home as I don't earn enough to move out, so I have to ask. And the answers still no sadly.

God, 8, what a friggin' ignorant comment have you made. First, I'd like to point out that finding a job, moving out and live happily ever after with your partner is not easy, certainly not with a shitty economic situation like ours. I'm graduated last year, I've done some jobs in the while, but because they aren't permanent I still can't afford to buy/rent a place of my own because the bank will never give me a loan now. Second, asking the owner of the house if your partner may sleep with you is just common courtesy, whether you're fourteen or twenty-four years old. Third, the owner of the house has to be aware that if (s)he forbids her kids to let their partner sleep with them, they might do it in a dirty corner in some public parc. Fourth, if you think that nowadays so many ten-year olds are getting knocked up, you need a reality check. And if you think that ten-year olds weren't knocked up in the past, you need a reality check either. Anyway, I'm glad my boyfriend's mom doesn't mind if I sleep over and have sex with her son. Saves us so much trouble.

Lol.... "need a reality check either" Typing too fast?

No, just not as fluent in English as I sometimes think I am.

Im 22 and just graduated and looking for a full time job so I'm still at home but I still have to ask permission

I still live at home and I'm 22 and if I brought my boyfriend over to stay the night, I'd be scalped. It was a joke at the fact that teens are having sex younger and younger these days. Thanks for taking the time to fervently reply to my comment, though. Bahaha

Meaning you know your own comment didn't really make sense in the first place. I'm 19, live at home during weekends and in my dorm during the week. And if I don't ask who I'm bringing or tell where I'm going, I'm pretty much not allowed to do so. As stated before: common courtesy. WE seem to have been brought up decently, how about you?

I don't know what it's like to not be able to afford a home, I'm glad though the military will allow you to live on base so I won't have to worry about it :P

I think we're forgetting that political marriages wedded off 8-10 year olds in the past. We're also forgetting that the 16-18 year old thing is a recent invention. Prior to the last few hundred years age was not a factor in many situations as much as the base desires or need to procreate. ( especially in Asian countries. ) It's all a matter of current standards and norms set by political, social and religious influences. Anyhow, I understand the joke, but its incorrect. History is cyclic and we are simply entering the beginning if the "300 year cycle." :-) the more you know! Lol.

I'm 26 and still live at home with my parents, because I'm disabled and what I get for disability is basically a pittance. I'm trying to pay off my student loan before I think about moving out. I've been with my partner for eight years, and he's been allowed to sleep over, in my room, since after our first year together. I had moved out, and then moved back home to go back to college (and then got really sick). My parents were pretty sure he didn't sleep on the couch at my apartment. ****, he's been staying here since November, to play nursemaid to me after my surgery. Don't tar everyone with the same brush.

I guess I'm a slight anomaly here; 22 and living on my own. Then again I went to school and worked two jobs after high school.

107 - That doesn't make you better than anyone else, most people who live at home are working just as hard. My parents own our house free and clear - the mortgage was paid off ten years ago. But I pay my share of the electricity, Internet, my own groceries, and maintaining my Dad's second car (a van we inherited from my grandfather) that I use to get to and from physical therapy. Up until I got sick, I had never been without work for longer than a week since I turned 15. I worked 35 hour weeks through college, but still have debt - from tuition, expensive train passes, and supplies (I studied illustration and graphic design - a Wacom tablet and legit copies of Photoshop and Illustrator were required, on top of all of the normal analog art supplies). Even without student loans, I'd have trouble making it on the $800/month that I get from disability. I might not be working two jobs - I can't physically work one, so my 'job' right now is a round-the-clock one of resting, monitoring symptoms, doing physical therapy, remembering to take medications, eating properly, and trying not to get bored out of my skull being stuck at home all the time, because it's winter and I can't walk on the ice with my goddamn stupid crutches (and bundling up? Forget it. Can't fit coat sleeves through the forearm rests).

Common ******* courtesy?? It's DISRESPECTFUL to even do it in someone else's house like that period.

137- Don't feel so threatened. I was merely stating a fact; it isn't totally impossible to be stable and self-sufficient, though it obviously comes at a cost. I wasn't trying to place myself above anyone else.

BlackBlazeCobra 16

Lie and say you are! And then dip your pads/tampons into some raspberry jam. I'm kidding of course. She'll trust you one day.

How respectful of you! However, you sound a little too young... Maybe you guys should wait?

not necessarily, its respectful to ask permission, doesn't matter how old u are if u live in ur parents house, and she never said they were having sex, the mother just assumed

janelly16 7

However old she is, she seems a lot more mature than you. "Like". That word drives me damn crazy. " Are you like, 7 years old? God your like, so immature!

uridea 14

The mention of her like comment is probably not so much her being stereotyped as a prep who uses "like" but more so of a "like" as in around age 7.

Atrocyty 16

"Tonight, we dine" See what I did there? No? Okay, I'll go -_-

You spoiled your comment with the nonsense after the actual joke

I am 21 and I ask my mom if I can have someone sleeping over because I still live at home. And it is normal for a mother to not want her daughter having sex while they are home ^^ DERP, that should have been a reply to #8!

I have a section of the family house to myself and always ask - guy or girl , romantic or not if my parents mind. Common courtesy. If you don't own the home, don't assume it's fine. Kudos to you man. :) Ps. Don't worry. I mis reply every so often. Lol.