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Today, I accidentally broke an expensive glass display shelf at work. My coworker joked, "Ooh, that's gonna come out of your paycheck!" My boss thought that was a great idea. FML
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Hey guys! OP here. Here's a follow up and a clarification. It was a single sheet of glass, about four feet long, and it fell as we were moving things around, breaking when it hit the floor. The glass shelves cost the store $200-$400 each, and we're always being reminded to be careful because they are so expensive. I was being careful, but the heavy shelf slipped in through my hands and the corner of the shelf hit the floor just right that it shattered. My boss is kind of a jerk, with a weird sense of humor. My coworker was teasing me, and my boss thought it would be funny to play along and pretend he was going to charge me for it. I posted this a little bit after it happened, before I talked to my boss, and I was pretty embarrassed, since I'm always so careful. The end of the story is that I will not have to pay for the shelf (we have tons of extras in the back, we won't miss one). Thanks for the support, everyone!

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Isn't that what normally happens anyway?

Might want to check your employment terms, normally one cannot do that and just put you on a payment plan for its cost.


Sheesh. If you need more lemon pledge do you have to bring that from home too?

Isn't that what normally happens anyway?

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it doesn't? huh. i would just let them do it. or pay for it myself. either way, its the same.

The whole "you break it you buy it" thing isn't actually legal. You shouldn't lose pay over something the shop is insured for.

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In addition to the insurance they have to pay you your earned wages and not take anything but taxes and regular deductions. They could fire you but thats really all they can do.

I'm glad they didn't do that at my first work place. I dropped a $50,000 fiber-optic camera used for laparoscopic surgery. It would have been more than 2 years wages back then.

Might want to check your employment terms, normally one cannot do that and just put you on a payment plan for its cost.

Looks like your coworker saw a bus coming and decided to throw you under it.

you break the glass, the glass breaks you.

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Sounds like something Ron would say lol

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That is actually illegal, unless you voluntarily signed off on it. Tell him to either give the money back, or you lawyer up.

Didn't think that could actually happen. I thought that was just a joke people used in cartoons.

It's the employer's responsibility to have insurance on his property.