By Anonymous - United States - Cleveland
Today, I asked my dad for advice. I recently got drunk and had a one-night stand. I feel terrible, because I'm engaged to a wonderful lady. My dad just said, "You did the right thing, son, keep it up. She's gonna steal half ya shit in the divorce anyway". FML
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  2ru  |  14

#1 F! the drunk excuse, you did it because you wanted to do. it.
#2 Think about how you would feel if your fiance, told you she got drunk and screwed some dude.
#3 If you are truly sorry forget it happened and put it in the past.
#4. If you truly love the woman who will be your wife, think about your actions and the impact they can potentially have on her but before acting.
If you are going going to be a horrible husband, do you both a favor and don't get hitched.

  MissMarjori3  |  10


The last thing he should do is keep it from his fiance. OP fucked up, and if he keeps it from her and they get married, they both are going to be in an even bigger hurt when she does find out (let's face it, if OP is dumb enough to get drunk and cheat, he's probably dumb enough to get drunk and spill the beans).

It'd be better to tell her now OP before you drag her down with you.

  sturschaedel  |  27

83, if it really was a one time mistake and OP does really regret it and loves his future wife very much he should be the one living with the hurt and pain, not her.

If my hubby made a one time mistake that really was a one time thing I wouldn't want to know. I wouldn't want to live with having to wonder if he would do it again every time he leaves home or comes home from work late.
If it ever happened again, I would want to know. Because that would be the day I leave.

  Axipiter  |  24

135, good for you for being intelligent. Absolutely, 100 percent agree. If it was a one time thing, it's their cross to bear, nobody else's. If it happens more than once, well, that's leavin' time.

  HanBroman  |  20

34 yeah if theres even a 1% chance that you will cheat while drunk then if you love her you wont drink. its his fault for taking that chance when hes weak and has little self control

  amayasoma  |  19

I would want to know. I am about to marry you. Give you my mind, body, and soul and you not only want to go and have a one night stand but also not confess about doing it. I would feel more betrayed by the fact he didn't say anything to me asap.

  peanuts363  |  12

I love the double standard of society. A man gets drunk and has sex: "He shouldn't have drank! He must have wanted it! He's 100% responsible!" A woman gets drunk and has sex: "she was drunk! She didn't have control! Its 100% the guys fault!" Not saying cheating is good but these comments you guys are posting make me sick.

  funkypenguin  |  7

162 if a woman got drunk and cheated, the response would be the same... you may be thinking of people disputing whether drunk sex is rape, which is not what OP is talking about..

  MrsDruidess  |  23

agreed, you're a dick. But moving on from that: you have to tell her, its only fair that she knows exactly what shes getting into BEFORE she decides to legally, spiritually and emotionally bind herself to you for life.

  OhWhoCares  |  42

I agree. OP deserves all the hell that he gets for this. This is one of the rare FMLs that I don't want a follow up to... This is just sad. YDI OP, and fuck your fiancée's life.

  HylianTwilight  |  21

I want a follow up explaining how she chooses to handle his inability to keep it in his pants.
Whether she drops his ass to the curb or not.

Yeah...that'd be wonderful to see.

  slyde32  |  12

nope, it's an excuse, it's like "oh I was drunk, I didn't know wgat I was doing" of you can't handle your actions when you're drunk, pace yourself, drink water, eat food between drinks

  PerditaDessa  |  38

Especially, since you're asking others for advice. If she hears it from someone other than you later on you'll never live it down.
If she decides to look past your mistake she probably won't want every other person you two know to know about it.