By Anonymous - 05/10/2013 22:25 - United States - Statham

Today, my son's lemonade stand was robbed by a senior citizen. FML
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Was it the guy from Bad Grampa? You might be in the movie then


Life lessons!

Damian95 16

Did he hold the kid at cane point?

Wizardo 33

#12, Don't let it fool you, it was one of those gun canes you see in James Bond.

Honest capitalism at its finest.

Was it the guy from Bad Grampa? You might be in the movie then

I'm guessing that grandpa Is a jackass......

It was the work of Johnny Knoxville. You've been Bad Grandpa'd

xSonic 9

Senior Citizen? More like Senior Villain

ahh well time is short for that senior citizen with a little luck.

why? who knows the guy may have had some kind of underlining mental problem. When it comes to fml's about senior's these kind of comments really get my back up.

falon142012 22

Maybe he's a veteran who is affected a lot by the shutdown.

Haha that's when you know times are tough for everybody.

Bad grandpa, not a FML moment to me!

The eldery strike yet again! Will the world be spared of this vicious geriatric crime troll wave?

Shoulda peed in their cup and offered them a free "lemonade"

Please tell me you called the cops! Poor kid :( f his life

leximichelle 13

The cops can’t do anything in this situation (not in the US) since the stand would technically be considered an illegal business seeing the kid probably doesn’t have a food safety license. Just another one of those “life’s not fair” lessons. Had to learn sometime.

CharresBarkrey 15

Was it a sweet old lady on a motorized cart??

He didn't see it coming.

I'll have you know I didn't have a cart! 'Twas a scooter!