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By Anonymous - 10/12/2011 02:55 - Canada

Today, my girlfriend broke up with me for a familiar reason; I apparently have night terrors that make me "Impossible to sleep in the same room with." I don't ever remember these dreams. Every other girlfriend I've had has ended up breaking things off with me for the same reason. FML
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People rarely remember night terrors, not your fault. Just find a nice deaf girl.


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So you've lost multiple girlfriends but have not gotten any help?...

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Well actually people who have night terrors don't remember them. It's been proven.

Why couldn't they just sleep in another room? Unless he sleep walks...

Actually, I had a night terror long time ago. I was far out in the ocean in a small boat, then suddenly I got swallowed by a huge freaking scary think. I then later found a knife, cut trough his skin and got out at the exact same spot in the ocean again. I had this EXACT same dream the day after, but instead of landing back in the ocean of water it was an ocean of fish, Both of these dreams are over 7 years ago.

I'm sorry for sounding stupid, but is a night terror like a nightmare, but a chronic condition that's a lot worse?

its like a terriable dream you dont remenber. they are usualy chronic and happen nightly. its very common in soldiers who have been in combat. when you wake up all you know is your scared and dont know why.

That's the long and short of it, yeah. Only people have a tendency to scream, flail, kick and just plain freak out while they have them.

57, that's called a nightmare. Those are common. Night terrors are most common in small children but can follow people through to or appear in adulthood. If the person who said they're common in soldiers is right, it's probably a result of PTSD or post-traumatic stress disorder, which is most common in soldiers. Night terrors cannot be recalled, and though the afflicted may seem in extreme pain and torment whilst sleeping, they should not be woken and will be fine upon waking.

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don't worry you'll find someone to take you for the good and the bad someday

People rarely remember night terrors, not your fault. Just find a nice deaf girl.

Ya definitely. I learned this in psychology a few weeks ago they're crazy! Some people even cause harm to those around them during their terrors. Sounds like op may need some help, I mean multiple girls whom never met one another all reporting the same thing.

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Yeah. I would go to a sleep clinic or a therapist. You've got some stuff going on.

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why didn't he just go to the doctor or something since everygirl is telling him the same thing

64, make sure they see a therapist not the rapist

Night terrors just happen. If you get them, you do. I had them as a young child and that's where they're most common. It's like sleepwalking, the person isn't aware, doesn't remember, and shouldn't be waken up. That's probably the best "treatment" you'll get without sleeping pills.

I'm 15 and I've had night terrors all my life, it's hard I can't ever spend the night with friends because apparently I thrash around and scream for like 30 minutes sometimes I even hurt people when they try and wake me up, it's weird I feel your pain OP (I didn't know I could go to a sleep clinic I should check that out)

As a deaf girl, I take offense at that. T-T

I didn't insult deaf people in any way, so you have no reason to take offense to that.

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My younger sister has those. Funny thing is, those happen only when our mom isn't with us. She even punched me once!

I'm deaf and i used to sign in my sleep but not anymore... I think

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Well all those girls cant be lying. Especially if they've never met. You have night terrors, buddy.

Exactly. The definition of a night terror is a frantic dream in which you completely lose your shit that you have no recollection of the next day. Your girlfriends, on the other hand, will remember. See a shrink pronto.

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Get some treatment, my friend. Hypnotherapy is your best bet since its all unconscious. Homeopathics could help also, but Dude, it's ruining your life!

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Dude that sucks it not your fault you cant controll it hopefully you will find a girl that cares enough to stay with you through that

Sure you wouldn't quite be saying the same thing after they've grabbed a knife while still asleep, and started running after you with it.

Night terrors are no joke; you should really talk to your doc about it. There has been a lot of research on them for helping people cope.

Night terrors are horrific. The only thing my doctor told me was to "think of pleasant things before I go to bed". Really? That's ridiculous. You have to change your lifestyle and the way you think regularly to get rid of night terrors. But that's only speaking from personal experience. Best of luck conquering the demon OP.

that doctor sounds incompetent, right? I think the sleep clinic is the way to go.

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I'm sorry OP :( Hopefully you'll find a girl who doesn't mind earplugs and/or is a heavy sleeper.

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Or is a psychologist of some kind

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Really? Out of all the things you could have said you say Ha. Ha.?... Just no

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Haha I like this post the best "haha"

7- night terrors are not something funny to laugh about, you heartless creature

They must have all gotten together to think of an excuse to break up....night terrors....not bad

Well that was quite rude. What she should of done was try to get you some help or maybe find something to rid of your night terrors. But no, she had to be a bitch about it and just dump you like that. Over something like that too.

What? She's not obligated to stay with him. As someone who's suffered from long bouts of insomnia, I can honestly say I'd do the same thing, for my own sanity's sake. This is a situation where it's honestly neither party's fault.

You have no idea if they've ever discussed this before. If OP has heard this from several sources and still not sought treatment, he's bringing it on himself. Even if he's undergoing therapy, she's not obligated to stick it out if there's no improvement. It's called compatibility. They're just not a match; it happens.

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My thoughts exactly. If all these women have left him over it he needs to get some treatment instead of looking for sympathy. It is treatable.

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Aww. Maybe you shouldn't have girls sleep over after you "****"them, even though you're probably an old virgin OP...

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