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Today, my father-in-law called me an idiot for buying him coffee cake because he can't have caffeine. He refuses to believe that there's as much coffee in coffee cake as there is ham in a hamburger. FML
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Actually, most hamburgers are 100% beef, while ham is pork. The more you know.


Names are so deceptive these days next you will be telling me that toad in the hole has no toad in it

thiscrazything 1

Maybe he meant the corn hole has no corn in it.

Or, just read the list of ingredients to him.

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Hahaha that made me laugh so hard

Wait what's a hamburger made of then?!?!?!?

136- don't tell me your really seriously asking this... Beef. Hamburgers are made of beef. Welcome to first grade.

142- so im guessing sarcasm isnt your fortè

In my country we actually put coffee in coffee cake so this FML is not funny at all.

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There's no ham in hamburgers. Unless the McDonalds employees have been hiding things from us.

Actually, most hamburgers are 100% beef, while ham is pork. The more you know.

hamburgers consist largely of beef.. you got that wrong didnt you tony

free2speak 14

The joke's on all of you since I'm pretty sure he meant there is "ham" in "HAMburger" as in saying there is "Sp" in "Speak".. why else would he emphasize it?

there is no ham is a hamburger it just means a burger with you out cheese

Wallowizard 1

I always thought they were named after Hamburg in Germany.

BunchieRules 31

Many assume they call it hamburger because of the city Hamburg, Germany. But I'm not actually sure if that's where the name comes from. And 5, congratulations on your first comment.

Hiimhaileypotter 52

Not sure if troll, or just incredibly stupid.

Ninjasaurus18 9

27- Yeah, that's why. Some guy in Hamburg invented the hamburger and named it so.

ChickInGreenVans 12

What.. what are you on about??

27, 28, 44-- they're named after the hamburg steak. A beef dish consisting of ground beef (usually mixed with seasonings and sometimes onions) pressed into a patty, cooked and then served like a steak. Eventually someone got the idea to throw it on a bun, and thus was born the "hamburger"

tony1891 22

Yeah. I do realize hamburger does not have Ham in it people. -_-

nancyschmancy 9

Gosh, at least there are a few people here that get it.

I can't believe that this many people couldn't understand this joke. It was a bad joke, but an obvious attempt at one nonetheless.

devore504 7

i hope you joking if not f your parents life.

devore504 7

hamburgers are named for the city . i read a history book

gurly98 13

You guys are dumbasses Hamburgers are 100% beef but they were made in HAMBURG GERMANY and its called a HAMBURGer

falon142012 22

some book said something about back in the caveman days, people used to just eat piles of raw meat. and they got the idea to cook it. and the location was somewhere around hamburg. but that's probably wrong. how would anyone know where cavemen first cooked meat? lol

The question is, is there any burgers in a ham?!

LSUtigres 2

There is no ham in hamburgers...just like there isn't any dog in hot dogs. Just sayin

The hamburg originated at Louie's in New Haven CT

There's definitely ham in Hamburg- that much we know for certain :P

yaya1213 6

wow you guys really don't know sarcasm when you see it ad he literally meant HAMburger that's why he capitalized it

You guys overlook things. The letters "H", "A", and "M" are in consecutive order in the word "Hamburger". Get it now? It was a play on the word. Tony was referring to the spelling rather than a physical hamburger.

tony1891 22

Good grief people. Enough please. Feel like I'm being prosecuted. Lol. Where's the beef?!

LOL Unfortunately sarcasm does not translate well online.

HairyPunisher 27

Yeah toni1891, while I'm sorry your sarcasm was misread, it honestly was a REALLY bad attempt at a joke. No offense man.

tony1891 22

It's Tony. No I at the end. Thanks.

BunchieRules 31

53 - Ah. It sounds like it would mean someone who lives in Hamburg, like a "Dubliner" lives in Dublin. Which means there really IS a Cheeseburg, Germany! :P

The ground meat used to make a hamburger, is also called hamburger. The ground meat was invented in Hamburg, Germany. The hamburger (the sandwich) was invented in New Haven, CT.

Mother of god, please tell me you're joking.

Cruisnic 1

Well unless a Chinese restaurant is serving hotdogs :D

tony1891 22

155- NO. we're not joking. Lol

qchabs4lifeqc 7

Well they should change that cakes name...

It's called coffee cake, I don't know about you, but I don't see the word caffeine anywhere in its name.

45-Coffee has caffine in it. Surely you know that. This is why the father-in-law thought coffee cake had caffine in it. And it can, but it didn't always. Like in OP's case.

It's a coffee cake because you eat it with your coffee.

stormer461 13

It's called coffee cake because it goes well with coffee.

Nordag: I see. Well, that was my mistake. Silly me! Talking about things I know nothing about. Oh, well. Off to the next FMLs!

That's like saying you should change the name of 'hamburgers', because it doesn't have ham. The new name just wouldn't catch on.

One does not simply change a cakes name.

You should apologize over a cup of coffee...

Or by getting him an espresso machine.

Meh next time get the guy decaf coffee cake

More like next time get yourself a cake and tell him to go to hell!

Lizza330 28

Then why is it called coffee cake? I always thought that there was coffee in it.

I think it's because coffee cake is often served at breakfast along with coffee.

And many people dip cakes in coffee so they made a cake that would better accent the coffee. They call it coffee cake.

peachesncreem 21

Kind of like tea cake. You eat it with a nice cup of tea :)

BunchieRules 31

I'm pretty sure 11 is right, and they also go great with many other beverages, such as juice. All I really know about them is that they are delicious.

BunchieRules 31

12* I can't edit my comments on the Android app.

22cute 17

No it tastes nothing like coffee. Usually it tastes like cinnamon.


There is a little bit of coffee in coffee cake

MerrikBarbarian 9

11- it depends on the recipe used. Some coffee cakes are really more correctly just a pound or bunt cake... But some recipes do include a cup of cold coffee added to the batter. So you are half right. :)

only if it's tiramisu (or however it's spelled)

manikkab0o 7

because it goes well with coffee

BunchieRules 31

41 - I was going to ask you which app you were using, because there are a few different FML apps available on the Android. Then I found the joke :P

MerrikBarbarian 9

109- no other varieties of coffee cake do include coffee as an ingredient besides tiramisu. That would be one of the more popular ones though

Stuff like this happens all the time. French fries, French toast, not made in France, carrot cake, does not have carrots in it. There is many examples of this.

AliceLockehart 18

I put carrot in my carrot cake :/

Well i know a lot of people who dont. Sorry. Was positive carrot cake never has actual carrots. Kinda ruins the texture of cake with the crunch of a carrot.

Carrot cake has carrots in it. Coffee flavoured cake has coffee in it, but a "coffee cake" doesn't necessarily have coffee in it. Hamburgers sometimes have bacon, so close... I don't think he should have called her an idiot, that's just rude.

There are carrots in carrot cake, and every time I have seen coffee cake there has been coffee in it. Maybe it's because in England we give things sensible names.

challan 19

French toast and French fries are called that because they were first made and France, and as everyone above has already commented carrots are in carrot cake. Crunchy? Carrots get soft when heated. Have you ever actually cooked before? Or for that matter, eaten?

gurly98 13

70- French fries were made in Belgium actually but you may be right about the French toast

So does my grandmother ....of could you have a carrot cake with out carrot?? :-)

AliceLockehart 18

Making carrot cake without carrot is like drinking decaffeinated coffee. You can do it, but why bother? Call me old fashioned but I don't like to substitute ingredients when I'm cooking unless I have no other choice.

CRrawsum 7

Carrot cake does have carrots in it...

I have yet to have a carrot cake without carrots in it . . . am I missing something? I'm pretty sure carrot cake without carrots is just a spice cake.

What kind of carrot cake are you eating? Of course carrot cake has carrot in it!

I don't see the loss in this. Now you get it!

13, every time I've had carrot cake it has actually had carrots in it..

22- Had any girl scout cookies lately? ;)

BubbleGrunge 18

33 are they made with real girl scouts?