By zbaby - United States
Today, a little girl at work was coloring a picture that said "Best Dad" on it. Wanting to be nice I asked her if she was making it for her dad for father's day. She looked at me with a sad face and said, "I don't have a dad..." FML
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  xx3ginaxx3  |  0

It was a girl the OP didn't know. He didn't really deserve it; if you saw a kid coloring a picture that said "best dad," the first thing you'd expect is a child making it for their father. How was the OP supposed to know that she didn't have a dad..?

  starberries  |  0

"Do any of you remember when comments weren't annoying?"

"The guy in the story is awesome."
There is no guy in the story, and if you're talking about the OP, she didn't do anything awesome.

By  catatonicsleep  |  17

You weren't to know. Lots of people make slip ups like that and most people would assume that if a child is colouring something with 'Best Dad' written on it that they are colouring if for their Dad.

  DWordHead16  |  19

I know this is old but damn. I think this is an FML because the OP knows she hurt the girl's feelings and feels extremely bad. It's not her fault though; she didn't know.