By Auston - United States
Today, at work, our team started a new sales strategy of selling flowers to men by asking them to buy one for their lovely ladies. The first guy I ask ends up crying and telling me his wife passed away a week ago. The woman with him was actually his sister. FML
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  redbluegreen  |  40

It's definitely not a stupid strategy and "buying _____ for _____" is probably one of the most common marketing methods ever used. Not only that, but "lovely ladies" is not necessarily limited to significant others. This is all just a very misfortunate circumstance.

  JipvS  |  15

I just hate it that when you're in a restaurant in a touristic city, every time you want to take some of your food there's someone standing next to your table asking to buy a flower.


This is just really unfortunate, it's not anyone's fault. "Lovely ladies" is pretty ambiguous, it could've easily referred to his sister. But it's easy to see how he could be so sensitive.

  humorizer  |  14

Well, that's what you get for trying to abuse someone's relationship. You know how awkward it'd be for a young male to be out with his fiance/wife and to be asked, "HEY! You think your wife is worth buying flowers for?"

Because, yeah, he's obviously not going to get flak from his wife for saying,
"No. I'd rather not spend the $10 on her because I'd rather save my money for something more useful."

It's almost like the time that I had only $5 on me and I wanted to buy lunch at the hamburger table that was set up in front of the college library. Somebody intercepted me about 10 seconds before I could get to the lunch table that was set up and told me that I should donate some money to Japan for the tsunami (this was a while back). I told them that I would, but I only had just enough to buy food. The guy then tried guilting me by saying "Fine. Let the people there suffer." To which I said, "Well, then if you feel so bad for them, why don't you go ahead and donate $5 for me instead? Also, there's kids in Sudan and Somalia who have been suffering far longer. Go ahead and help them as well." The guy rolled his eyes, muttered something and got out of the way of my lunch.

  skizzlerz  |  0

I almost had to thumb this comment up just for the awesome person they made lmao
and 85- very true and I agree. Of course, sales people might not really care because that technique works very well with some people BECAUSE they feel guilty. So true, but most of them will still go on using this technique of marketing.

By  1215116a  |  14

Poor man!

  YacL  |  15

We might as well just wish a happy birthday to anyone with a birthday last week, cause I know quite a few people who had a birthday in that time.

  mfmylifesrsly  |  29

25 - maybe he can't face seeing her grave yet? it has, afterall, been just a week. I know if my lover died it would be awhile before I could see their grave.

hell, it's been 2 and a half years since my uncle commited suicide and my aunt still has trouble visiting his grave.

  Blackmail111  |  9

What if she was incinerated? see I hate people who assume because if OP had said that the man might have cried more and told her the wife had been incinerated instead of buried

  some_shit  |  0

why would they be free? either buy some or go cry somewhere else. I dont understand why people post stupid fmls about accidentally offending someone... WHO CARES!!!!!

  Blackmail111  |  9

For the 3rd time
I hate assumers and I'm only gonna say this 1 more time
She could have been incinerated not burried
meaning it could have made him cry more