By Anonymous - 04/06/2021 00:01

Today, my coworker has once again called in and asked me to cover her shift. She does this for every single one of her shifts, and my boss told me that if I don’t cover it, I’ll be fired. I used to have a life, but not anymore. FML
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Sounds like your boss is sleeping with the co-worker.


Then find a new job because they can't make you do that. You are only responsible for your own shifts and unless they're a privately owned company, I'd remind them of that. There are better jobs.

Sounds like your boss is sleeping with the co-worker.

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I'm lost on this one...why?

That's BS. Time to find employment elsewhere!

Thats illegal, they would have to fire her not you. They can't force you to cover her shifts either.

Play it at her game. Ask her to cover your shift.. why can't this work both ways?

Don't cover it. Let the boss fire you and be even more short staffed. claim benefits and go after him for wrongful dismissal. most importantly apply for new jobs NOW.