By sianydiddle - 30/04/2015 22:36

Today, at my house party, I caught my boyfriend having sex with my best friend. His excuse? He wanted to be better in bed for me. FML
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OP here! Can't believe this got posted! Let me shed some light on this. This was a few years ago now, I was with this complete turd for a year, and it's safe to say he's an ex. He used me, and made me think I was going crazy when he used to stay out for whole weekends without so much as a text, and came back with hickeys. He used to tell me it was all in my head and I stupidly believed him. With my 'friend', she was also his brothers girlfriend. His brother was with me when we caught them. She ran out of the house and never gave us an explanation, or an apology. She just ignored us, and to be honest, that suited me fine. With him saying he wanted to be better for me, I had no frame of reference, so that was just a load of bullshit. Silver lining in it all, I'm now with an amazing guy who treats me perfectly. My ex is still single from that day, no woman has been stupid enough to fall for him, which he deserves cause he broke my damn heart. Me and his bro are still friends. To all saying I should've joined them? No thanks, they seemed pretty contented with each other, which is great for them :)

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Wow. Is he thoughtful or what. and she was nice enough to help. What great people.

Yo, don't hate on garage sex! It's the perfect place to pull in.


They say practice makes perfect...what was her reason

ZombieVampirez 24

Practice does make perfect but he should be practicing with her.

Why is that down voted? He shouldn't of cheated, I agree with #4.

Aky0n 10

because she took his comment seriously when he was obviously joking

ZombieVampirez 24

I know he wasn't serious. I was stating it should be with his gf if he really wanted to practice. People these days. got sand in their vaginas

ZombieVampirez 24

Sorry OP. You deserve better.

Wow. Is he thoughtful or what. and she was nice enough to help. What great people.

oNisao 21

Atleast he has his back-up ready.... feel sorry for OP

Wow I don't know who's worse between your (i hope now ex) boyfriend and your "best friend". I would get rid of both...

You could have joined in with them. I am sure they would have let you if you asked nicely.

tiggerdoc 14

"What a dick".....that is exactly what her best friend said!!!??

well a friend in need ia a friend indeed !! she was helping your bf that's all !!

ZombieVampirez 24

Joke or not, not cool. Quite insensitive in fact.