By christinaannxo - 08/01/2016 08:06 - United States - Valdosta

Today, I was messing around and tried to catch a piece of cereal in my mouth. I accidentally slammed my head on the counter behind my couch. FML
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christinaannxo tells us more.

christinaannxo 8

i honestly don't know. I was sitting on the couch eating fruit loops & thought "I'm gonna catch this" tossed a couple, caught them & then when I was feeling lucky BAM, counter. it's all fun & games until you slam the back of your head on a counter. lesson learned! (:

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Lets hope this doesn't become a serial occurrence


Lets hope this doesn't become a serial occurrence

more stupid decisions are bound to happen with that head injury.

disasterlydeed 26

it might become a super duper serial occurrence

Cereal= the breakfast food. Serial= repeating. English, my friend.

Well... No more cereal catching for you anymore, eh?

christinaannxo 8

not by counters, i learned my lesson. (:

christinaannxo 8

my couch isn't in my kitchen?...

Lesson learned :) dont play with food only with fire :p

Shouldn't have even eating on the couch especially not throwing food

What's wrong with eating on the comfy couch?!

Nothing as long as you aren't leaning back throwing food in the air

i just thaught about a fat guy that lives on his couch.

mds9986 24

Catching food in your mouth is an art that dates back centuries and can not be rushed in mastering. Don't give up Op.

christinaannxo 8

thank you. & i won't. just going to make sure i'm not around anything c:

Gotta be a little more aware of your surroundings next time.

Least it was your head not your teeth