By knifewow - 20/10/2016 08:30 - Australia - Ashgrove

Today, I angrily waved away an annoying fly with a large knife. I stabbed myself in the shoulder. FML
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Iwannarock1 19

Do you not know what a fly swatter is? Or a newspaper?

Yeah, he was only trying to help the poor fly using a giant knife...

Sorry OP, but when I read that I had a bit of smirk. Hope you are okay.

No way this could have happened to me! YDI

tounces7 27

I know WTF why did the YDI button go away for this one?

species4872 19

On your way for a Darwin Award.

TCHTM, I'd use anything to swat away a fly.

species4872 19

Girl on spinning wheel hurriedly tries to untie herself as knife thrower prepares to throw second knife...

Next time aim for yourself, you might hit the fly.