By Mojo0608 - 05/03/2014 16:11 - United Kingdom - Twickenham

Today, my mum begged me to let her put fake nails on me to practice for her styling exam. I've been sitting on the toilet for the past half an hour trying to figure out how to wipe without damaging something. FML
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So I've never really been one for fake nails and I used to play the violin so I kept them as short as possible which is a habit I've kept. They aren't that long really (nowhere near claw length), so when my mum asked I thought it wouldn't be a problem. Um, yeah... No... I'm still on the toilet... Well not really, but I'm going to try getting these off as soon as I can, they're just weird to me. I think my mother will "nail" the exam, thanks for the puns and sympathy! :)

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Damn. I never understood why women got those kind of nails on purpose anyway.


Dont they hace practice dummies for that sort of stuff?

Rcmpbell 6

#1 In this case OP is the dummy

If it's for an exam she's supposed to be able to do it to a real person too. I've only worn false nails once, never again, I felt like they could snap off at any point, I feel your pain op.

Damn. I never understood why women got those kind of nails on purpose anyway.

I guess they see it as hyper-feminising.

I have seen women with nails that have to be at least six inches long. I always wonder how they can do anything involving their hands.

which are used for pretty much every daily task except for what your legs and face can do. Someone should do a documentary on how they achieve this.

If they were curling under then I'm pretty sure she grew those. I can't imagine living with those.

knoxxx 22

Maybe they get them because they like them and don't give a crap about your opinion? I used to get acrylics when I worked in a sandwich shop because I washed my hands and handled sanitizer so often my nails were starting to peel and turn yellow. They were so short you probably wouldn't have even been able to tell they were acrylics. So, everyone has there own reasons.

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I do because 1. I tend to chew on my nails, and 2. My real nails are flimsy and weak, and acrylic ones keep them from chipping and breaking.

Me too, 54. My nails don't grow and if they do, I'm a notorious biter. I could never do some of the ridiculous lengths I've seen.. I always kept them at a more "natural" length. Sadly I can't afford them anymore as it's a rather expensive habit.

Nobody is insulting acrylic nails. Everyone's insulting acrylic nails that stretch out longer than the fingers themselves.

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I keep my nails pretty short. When they grow out, they always get icky crumbs and stuff under them and it feels annoying.

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the longest I do my nails are like an inch but I'm talking about the whole nail, from the cuticle down to the tip of my acrylics. For some they're long, to me they're fine but I have small hands with short, stubby fingers so at least they make them look slender lol and since I do them myself with my own designs I get tons if compliments x)

There's an extent to when long nails look attractive. After a few inches it just looks awkward to do everyday tasks. But hey, it's their nails, who am I to judge?

Having acrylic nails is a vicious cycle. You get the nails, they look pretty, but they start to wear and maybe break off. Continued wear seriously damages the original nail, making it thin and flimsy, causing what? Oh grrrrl, I gotta get my nails done, AGAIN. Nope, I keep mine natural now.

44- Or, you could be needlessly sensitive here, and wrongfully take any criticisms personally and as offensive when in reality no insults were made to you or anyone else, for that matter.

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girls with long nail don't understand how toy do anything without them either.

44 - No one who handles good should wear fake nails, that just gives me the shivers, thinking about biting into my food and chomping an acrylic, ew.

#24. I've seen that exact thing. She was punching all the keys on the register with her knuckles! I do wonder how they do anything else...

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- That sounds like a.. Shitty situation.

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This comment is so overused that it isn't witty or funny anymore. I usually just thumb comments like this down and move on, but I REALLY want to convey the fact that these types of comments are basically eyesores.

but that profile pic makes it a lil funny, like he's trying so hard to make it funny.

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HAHAHAH! The fact that this was 4's first comment just makes it so much greater.

what the hell does that have to do with the FML?

I am sure your mom won't mind if you remove them. Happy wiping!

you ever tried to take those things off? 1. they are nearly impossible (a Sherman tank should do the trick) 2. They hurt like the dickens to pull off.

damnit1989 16

Soaking in acetone will do the trick.

Won't nail clippers do the trick too? I know nothing about fake nails so I'm probably wrong.

frizz101 22

Yeah but that can damage your skin, not a really good compromise.

damnit1989 16

Nail clippers will get the tips, but to get the rest off you can pull, cut, tug, and make it hurt like hell, or you can soak in acetone which dissolves the acrylic. Unless they are gel nails, then you pretty much have to file them off.

damnit1989 16

#78, if you are referring to the acetone solution, it doesn't really damage the skin if you do it right. Hold it in for about a minute, pull out and wipe off what has dissolved, then keep doing it until the nail is off. And it will make the skin look terribly dry, but a little lotion will fix it immediately. There is no long term damage.

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Have her help you. After all she owes you for helping her out. Lol jk but that really sucks.

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Just remember you're doing a huge favor for your mother, as she did for you when she wiping your toosh when you couldn't!

Just think about the woman with the guinness world record for longest fingernails.