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Today, the Internet wasn't working. One girl decided to try to diagnose the problem. It said to connect the Ethernet cable. She started making fun of the computer for spelling "Internet" wrong. I'm graduating with this idiot in less than a month. FML
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D's get degrees... Unfortunately.

Barriaultcory 16

If you two compete for the same job at least you know it'll be an easy decision for the employer


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Cable's being slow? I can't see any connection to the fml and there's not any truth to your statement either. Ethernet cable connection will always be the fastest alternative (unless it's a messed up cable or unplugged)

Yea #1 I don't think you understood what this FML was about at all! Could you be the girl OP is speaking of?

Not really. In the not too far future, i foresee fiber optics everywhere

inthedopeshow 17

I went to a school meeting about studying abroad in Costa Rica and this one girl, who must have been early 20s, asked if they have Internet in other countries. Unfortunately, OP, people like this are everywhere.

icychil 13

I think first commentator referred "cables are slow" as "slow thinking"

Not sure what you meant there #1 but as an app developer and computer science major I can tell you that the cable is fastest 999 out of 1000 times. Most Ethernet cables and most quality routers today push data through at 1 gigabit a second. Wireless N can't reach half that. Wireless is convenient but has serious security flaws and is much slower though AC narrows the gap.

You know what you're talking about??? Really??? Cable will always have a faster connection capability than wireless. Always.

DFresh503 8

D's get degrees... Unfortunately.

Since when? All D's would earn a gpa of 1.0. Never heard of a school having that low of a gpa threshold.

perdix 29

And double-D's get jobs without having any qualifications.... other than the double-D's, that is ;)

alshygirl 14

I thought you were talking about breast size

Tigerblossom 19

Maybe it was just a dumb moment? I'm sure everyone says something dumb every once in a while. Even the smartest of people

Well OP, it could be worse. F.ex. You'll graduate from an IT-course or that she'll graduate with better grades than you! (sorry, couldn't find a better word/synonym than IT-course from my half sleeping brain, therefore, there is a chance this comment might not make sense. I should really sleep...

dcarney7 8

Some people just don't deserve to graduate....

What really sucks is there are brilliant people that couldn't afford to go to school because either their parents or them couldn't afford to send them or they had to work instead. Then there are kids who's parents are loaded, so they get to go to school for 6 years, but don't know basic everyday things! Your level of intelligence shouldn't be based on if you could afford to go to college or not! It's sad!

Right, because "not knowing what an ethernet cable" is definitely enough evidence to deem someone incompetent and unworthy of a degree.

MikaykayUnicorn 36

49: My ten year old brother knows the difference between 'Ethernet' & 'internet.

It's not exactly something you need to know unless you are studying computers. Chill out guys.

79- that's like saying you shouldn't know how to follow a recipe or how to use a mixer if you're not studying culinary. Everyone and almost every job field uses computers nowadays, so yes, EVERYONE should know what an Ethernet cable is! And 49- I'm guessing you had to Google "what is an Ethernet cable"?

Barriaultcory 16

If you two compete for the same job at least you know it'll be an easy decision for the employer

Unless they have a minority quota to fill...then they'll pick the woman. This is where equal opportunity isn't quite equal for guys.

Well I definitely slipped up. Look, see? Even I am so chauvinistic that I just see an FML involving computers and assume it's a guy who authored it! Shame on me, and thank you for pointing it out. OP will definitely have no problem getting a job then. She's a woman and she's smart! I can be, too. But she's definitely more observant than I. Thanks again, friend! :)

#18, actually affirmative action quotas are illegal in the U.S. Good job perpetuating ignorance based racism, however.

Leprekhaun 14

It might be illegal but the mentality that a job must be diverse still exists. Quota or not, they will still try to get multiple ethnicities.

We live in a bureaucratic society that makes business decisions based on making the most money. It just so happens that a white, male employee is not always the best candidate. A business doesn't have to hire minorities, they just have to prove they are not actively discriminating against qualified applicants based on their race, which is pretty easy to prove if employees are hired based on qualifications. Employers know this, so your view that they feel compelled to hire minorities is false. It's just as illegal to hire someone because they are a minority as it is to hire someone because they are white. Furthermore, the inequities that are often tied with minorities (e.g. poverty) far outweigh any benefits they likely receive through things like affirmative action. I am not trying to attack you, just get you to think more critically in your assertions.

They may have made affirmative action quotas illegal, I'm not sure just going on your word, but I know for a fact that many companies have affirmative action GOALS. They tend to be more flexible than a quota, so they can legally still pursue people less qualified for positions based on race, sex, religion, ect...

I know, how dare I try to correct ignorance about issues that matter.

As hard as it is to believe, she isn't the only person out there who doesn't know the difference between the two....

bfsd42 20

Is there a difference between the two. Ethernet cable IS Internet cable. And yes, I do realize that there are other forms of interment cable, but Ethernet is one of them.

Sinistra_Blue 12

Just because something transfers data doesn't mean it's an "Internet" connection.

Octwo 16

Ethernet cable is generally used as network cable. It's not an "internet cable." in fact internet connection is done through a coaxial cable through a modem which THEN uses Ethernet cables to sent & receive data to/from your computer. Ethernet cable is just four twisted pairs of cables running through a shrink tubing, you could run DC power through it if you wanted.

Haha as long as she's not looking for an IT job after graduation, she should be okay. Any dumb person can graduate. It's more about working hard and keeping focused than natural intelligence.

Might wanna get someone who knows what ethernet is to fix the connection or you'll be waiting a while.

Hopefully she's not studying technology...

Ambrily 27

Yes, I was just about to write the same thing.

Really? I know almost nothing about computers and I know that the computer doesn't mean 'internet'.

Judging by your username, I'm not too suprised :D It got me a few times as well...

Thanks for the insult, kink is my last name and my favorite number is 4.

Hahahah 12 your profile picture totally got me and made my morning.