By ._. - 05/06/2013 00:08 - United Kingdom - Letchworth

Today, my wife uttered the soul-crushing words, "But we're married now, why would we have sex?" FML
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Wow... that is beyond words... Try to remind her how nice sex can be? (obviously without rape)


what a mood killer..

n_epic_fail 14

"Honey, how do you think we're going to stay married?"

^"through makeup hugs" -OPs wife

sofineedsaladder 10

I think this is every man's worst nightmare.

"But we're married now, why would i help with cooking and cleaning?" She'll learn.

crazytwinsmom 25

'ouch' could be part of the problem. If so, make it less painful.

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Not every man's worst nightmare. Some men don't want to have sex with their wives either. Just ask Al Bundy.

Or Bob Kelso

Fucking True.

Or my husband :(

See I don't understand this mentality, I like sex, provided it's good, and as far as i'm concerned, when I get married, it's a sex partner for life. Isn't that kind of the point? You're married so you can have it pretty much whenever you want??

yeah.... good luck with that!!

Right. Cause that's what marriage is all about: sex and nothing more. I'm sure it hqs nothing to do with love, financial stability, respect, or anything else.

Inediblepeaches 15

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@114 she doesn't want sex meaning she cant have kids, unless she injects it or w.e doctors do

RedPillSucks 31

or adopts. Not sure what #114 objection was though. They are clearly already married.

Pretty sure 114's point is that they may already have kids, since it sounds like they were having sex up to this point, and the wife only now closed up shop.

Who the hell would have children with a woman like that?

225- someone who married her

Wow... that is beyond words... Try to remind her how nice sex can be? (obviously without rape)

If he has to remind her... It obviously wasn't that good to begin with. Learn some new moves.

and it's a way of having fun and kids simultaneously

@32: Those two things cancel each other out in my experience...

Best FML response I've read haha

therealafroninga 10

Nah, it's not rape if you yell surprise.

Oh no. Never count rape out sir

What about kids? D:

This was way to perfect of a comment xD

no woman... no matter how married...can expect this to be fair!?

No matter how married...can be this sad. I actually feel sorry for both OP and the wife. Marriage counciling I think!!

Corrupt_waffles 13

I don't think that is fair at all. Sure sex isn't everything, but it's a great stress reliever and it prevents fighting over dumb shit because you are getting rid if pent up emotions. It shouldn't be everything but it should be a decent part of a relationship.

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Corrupt_waffles 13

Hello 171, I am a woman, and I don't think this FML is fair. Maybe you should read all of the thread before you type your diarrhea of the brain.

hey #171... darling, lick my boots

How did my comment get moderated lmfao. What bullshit.

aneff0592 13

Maybe she just needs a reminder of how fun it can be? Try something new to spice it up! Good luck!

If not he's stuck with Palmela Handerson

Blacksabbath211 9

No! Nononono! We are NOT starting the "hand" puns again! We've had such a nice run without them...

Or Handjalina Jolie!

MissWhitneyB 17

Damn .. That sucks

Technically, it doesn't.

And here I am having to beg my boyfriend for sex. Damn sorry op it sucks

I'm right there with ya :/

chlorinegreen 27

I do too... Ugh all I ask for is once in awhile.

Sounds like your guys are all stressed and overworked. I'd suggest a planned romantic get-away but he might invite his buddies. :P

goodoldave 17

I don't get it. What's wrong with guys today. I'm a nympho, I better get it a lot lol.

My wife is a nympho, I get out whenever I want. Which also explains the house full of kids.

spekledworf 18

I'm a nympho too but my past guys could, for the most part, keep up. I don't know what I would do if a guy was never in the mood

Mizzesbestie 13

Maybe u should meet op ;p lol

Have to beg mine too but he always says he's too tired :(

Because we want to STAY married honey

Dusty_Busters 15

Well said

"To have children, you frigid moron." Well, that's what I would be saying to her in my head, while "Because I love you" would be coming out of my mouth. Hopefully.

Freudian slips are awesome. I once meant to say 'pass the sugar, sugar' and instead out came 'you ruined my fucking life!'

@10: Oh yes, I love being called a frigid moron while I'm being asked for sex that I don't want. Also, not everyone wants children. That said, OP's wife's logic IS strange.

*pssst* was a joke.

It sounded aggressive to me. :( Oh well, now I'm buried.

RedPillSucks 31

TheRuined ruined the joke?

Geez, you're right. I guess I was too eager to get offended. xD

And now your ruined!

MermaidAnnariea 10

somehow, i don't think this happened. no one can be that unrealistic and stupid, right guys? right...?