By DreamsDontComeTrue - 05/02/2015 06:15 - United States - Newport News

Today, my professor cancelled class so I turned off my alarm. When I woke up, I checked my email again. There was no email from my professor. It was a dream. FML
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At least it was a good dream.

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Hopefully you only missed a lecture and not an exam!


At least it was a good dream.

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#27 If you didn't notice this is someone else's share time.

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Thanks for sharing #27

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Beastie Boys - Sabotage...

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a surprise day off

Inception at its best!

HighasaCloud 46

Now if only OP could made the professor dream about cancelling class and actually do so when he wakes

Hopefully it's not a class where they count attendance :( I bet the professor has never heard that excuse before though haha

HighasaCloud 46

Hopefully you only missed a lecture and not an exam!

Shit happens, it's only one day.

liquifiednate 21

That one day can make a huge difference though. Last semester when I was taking a history class the professor would go through 3-4 chapters/sections during lecture, and if you skipped the lecture you would be missing a lot of information.

mansen 15

Depends on the class you missed. Missing a psych, sociology or philosophy class, not so bad. Miss a calc, chem or genetics can kiss sleep goodbye for a long while trying to catch up from all the info you missed.

Curse you Leonardo DiCaprio!

As punishment, no Oscars for you!

It was just a dream.. Just a dream.. Just a dream.

Dream come true. Not going to class that is.

I would not forgive myself for that one but it would be a funny story to tell people!