By weeble_wobbles09 - United States
Today, my Nana showed me her new sign that says, "Some of my greatest blessings call me Nana." We stood there looking at a wall FULL of pictures of her grandkids, which is where she wanted to hang it. After scanning the wall a couple times, I realized. There was not one picture of me. FML
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By  YayAmerica  |  0

The same happened to me with my dad's facebook album titled "Family". He didn't have a single picture of me. Instead of getting all hurt and pissy, I asked him why. Apparently, they have no pictures of me uploaded on their computer. Quit playing the victim and jumping to conclusions.

  Reality_bites  |  14

#6 beat me to it.

And seriously OP, you think your life is fucked because no photo appears of you on her wall? Really? I mean come on. Its a photo. It can also be easily fixed. Do you need constant adoration by other people through them having photos of you on their wall to feel important to them? Really? Really?

  GeorgeBoosh  |  0

An honest mistake that is the first sign of Al Zimers. Help her by taking down ALL the photos and then she can forget every one of her grandchildren. That'll teach her.

By  tooclassy  |  0

@ #10

Do their lives HAVE to be fucked? This is just a site for people who post misfortunes for fun and laughter. People who's lives are that are actually fucked shouldn't even post on here.. those are called idiots. :/