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  Postlude  |  1

  /smɛl/ verb, smelled or smelt, smell⋅ing "

You should probably make sure you're correct next time you try being a grammar nazi.

  evilbrent  |  0

you'd use 'smelt' to mean "I had the sensation of the odour the whole way" but you'd use "smelled" to mean "I stuck my nose in her pit and sniffed pretty much the whole way home."

smelt = correct usage.

  gueeterman  |  4

I say YDI

you took her out to a phyical activity, you should of known she was going to sweat.

dont bitch about it.

why werent you the one to put your arm around her?

  plexico  |  3

I agree with evilbrent that smelt is correct, but it is more typically British than American. You expect smelt in Jersey, but not New Jersey.

But smelt is also a fish, and we all know what smells like fish! We can only imagine that if her armpits stank, then her pussy might smell like a pile of smelt left in the sun for a week or so.

  genius_girl16  |  0

i don't understand what the problem is. This is totally normal, well at least in my hometown of South Georgia Island it is. Our deodorant smells like sweat. That way if you forget to put it on, no one will know!! Also our deodorant doesn't attract bumble bees, it does attract some flies though, especially fruit flies.

  genius_girl16  |  0

i don't understand what the problem is. In my hometown of South Georgia Island our deodorant smells like sweat. That way if you forget to put it on no one will know!!! Also our deodorant doesn't attract bumble bees! Fruit flies can be a problem though.

  jhommie9696  |  0

Thank you i will never go to georgia now. Thanks for saving me the trip... GROSS

As for the guy who wrote the FML it was nice of you not to say anything to her that would have probably been emberrassing for her though not so nice to post it on the web but at least this way its more anonymous. Kudos to you sir.


sweat scented deodorant seems quite redundant to me. isnt the point of deodorant to make your pits smell better than they would without it? and unscented deodorant does exist so you can go outside in the woods without bees.

and op i can imagine that being unpleasant. FYL.

  Reyo  |  2

It's a sign that you're not physically compatible.
I'm serious! Google it!
In all seriously though, stop being a whiney little bitch and take her to the movies next time.

  xkat356  |  0

Yes, and it's so much nicer to call someone an 'asshole' than to complain anonymously about someone's BO... It's not like he gave out her name or anything. If you have that big of a problem with it, then what are you doing on FML?

OP: FYL, but just take her to the movies or something next time.


I don't know why you're getting thumbed down, I completely agree with you. If he has such a problem with it then he should either politely tell her or just stop seeing her altogether.

By  avalanche719  |  0

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  leesh85k  |  0

You are such a dumb shit!!! Where in that FML did it say anything about fat..???
Anyway Skinny ppl could potentially smell aswell..
You look like such a loser!!! Lololol