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By piss off - 08/04/2016 22:05 - United States - Vancouver

Today, a customer at the fast-food joint I work at gave me a pitying look and asked, "How's that liberal arts degree treating ya?" FML
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Would you like some Savage sauce with that?

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They were just referencing the running joke that liberal arts majors can't get real jobs, though it sucks that they assumed you're somehow a liberal arts major for working there.

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Yeah, it depends on the LA degree. I'm majoring in urban and regional planning and getting certified in GIS. I'm pretty much guaranteed to get a job in my city right after graduating. However, something like gender studies or psychology not so much.

Gender studies is the most raspy thing to major in and gives you no actual skills so of course they wouldnt

Um, no, you have lots of options with a Psych degree. I should know. I have one.

Well, as long as you believe your degree is helping you, that's all that matters

Your comment reminds me of this funny Kanye West skit where a guy spends all his money on getting his degrees and all he amounts to is assistant to the assistant manager at the Gap.

If OP works at a fast food joint, I really doubt he degree helped them.

Did any of you guys actually read the post? Or are you guys just really high?

Shoot back with, "how's that diet treating ya?"

I think the customer is out of range.

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thats an insult used with a shotgun, not a machine gun or rifle (no im not saying shoot them)

That's when you're supposed to present the "special sauce" with their order.

Guess it "takes one to know one." What a rude remark!

Why did this get buried!? I was empathizing with the OP!

How did this get buried? I was siding with the OP!

People like that are so obnoxious. Someone has to be there to hand them their heart attack on a bun, so why insult the person doing it?! Clearly you're providing them a service that they want so screw them for being so needlessly rude.

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Obnoxious but liberal arts degrees are largely worthless.

But no one can assume that that's OP's degree. My sister worked in McDonald's for a while to get some money before she moved country and she has a degree in cancer biology.

And once she got her degree she moved into another career. I think the customer thought OP was old enough to be a graduate, and by working in that job it's safe to assume they got a liberal arts degree.

Or some other worthless degree.. Like philosophy

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On the contrary, Liberal Arts degrees have a great bit of value. I tend to think that people see it that way because Liberal Arts doesn't necessarily prepare you to do one specific, for example, how you would expect a Geology major to become a geologist. However, the Liberal Arts, on the whole, teaches you to communicate well, both in person and in writing. A Liberal Arts major may not have a set path to career success, but he or she will leave school with skills that are applicable to many jobs. They just have to make their own path.