By Hello Nurse - 24/09/2012 04:32 - United States - El Macero

Today, a very attractive man asked me out. I'd have been flattered if I weren't the nurse assigned to his laboring wife. FML
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Call him out on it later, that's disrespectful :/

the_anti_hipster 7

Ouch. Look on the bright can say no and be rid of him. His wife, on the other hand...not so lucky.


Call him out on it later, that's disrespectful :/

Petepoop - The "threesome!" jokes aren't funny to start with. Put it in this situation and it transforms from unamusing to asinine.

Doc, it's Petepoop. What did you expect?

Just after you hand him him child while his wife is in the room. Politely decline, and walk out.

45, a hormonally unstable woman does not need to hear that her husband is an asshole. He has probably cheated on her many times, and it can wait until her body is in a more normalized state.

titibug823 11

No, what's disrespectful is him asking the labor and delivery nurse out while his WIFE is having is kid. She should call him out on it right away, tell him to get his priorities straight.

Sexy_Kisses14 8

Maybe they are swingers?? (Not a joke!) but bad timing.

SApprentice 34

She really can't do anything about it. If she were to try and tell the wife, call him out on it, or get involved at all, then the husband or wife might file a complaint against her. OP could get written up over that, or at least bitched out by her boss, for getting involved in patient affairs or behaving unprofessionally. It's horrible, but there's really not much she could do, except maybe send an anonymous note on her own time, but that's still really shady. It sucks OP, I'm sorry that happened.

You can't do that he's married, home Wrecker.

Did anybody else get the reference in OP's name? :D "Helloooo, Nurse!"

the_anti_hipster 7

Ouch. Look on the bright can say no and be rid of him. His wife, on the other hand...not so lucky.

Zoh_Aubrey 8

I would've given him the dirtiest look I could muster, and if he reports me, I'd proudly tell my supervisors I was responding to "asshole protocol".

"hmmm. My wife is giving birth to my child. I'm bored. That nurse is kinda hot. Let me see is I make her think I'm a total dick." Yeah. Definitely not funny.

30's name fits. But if it was a joke, it's a Petepoop-style joke.

I love how Petepoop has become the standard for shitty jokes on this FML.

kikimonole 13

Wow what an ass hole. You should tell his wife. She deserves to punish him by making him watch the baby by himself for a month. Won't have time for flirting then! Hahahahhh.

I don't know if OP should say something to his wife... I mean, she's not related to them and she could get in trouble for not being professional (aka, just keep her mouth shut) about it. Also, I think that letting a fail of a husband watch your newborn baby by himself for a month, is actually a punishment for the wife. Unless his only job is being the diaper-changer and vomit-cleaner.

That's more of f the wife's life. She is having his child and he is asking another woman out. He is an asshole

And how did you handle this situation, besides posting it on FML

BunchieRules 31

As others have stated, there's not much OP could have done. She'll probably never even see them again, unless she has to deliver their (possible) second child. Then if he does it again, she should do something.