By Anonymous - United States
Today, at the old folk's home where I work as a housekeeper, a resident was holding herself on the way to the bathroom. I hoped she wouldn't leave a mess. She made it just fine. I was then informed that she had left a crap trail from the couch, more than 20ft away. FML
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By  kayla_bo_bayla  |  0

Omg I'm a CNA and I happen to be in Arizona as well. I had an obese patient who was put on water pills and she refused to get up to go pee so she would go all over the floor and her bed and I had to clean it up. Like every half hour. I feel your pain, lady.

  borabora1991  |  0

OP, it does suck but since you agreed to do the job then you should have expected it. just suck it up and deal with it. your life isnt really f'ed just because you have a crappy job (no pun intended).

be thankful that you have a job in this economy. your life sounds pretty good to me.

By  RJB  |  0

So? She's old, you work at an old person's home, and they cant control their bodily function. This NEVRER has happened EVER in the history of the world? Im sure your life is fine lol.

  vapors  |  0

So what if its happend before? Its a goddamn sucky situation, I would throw up constantly if I ever had too wipe someone elses shit up. especially if it was a "trail". But that might just be me with my phobias.
Anywho, FYL op. And fuck the old ladie who havn't passed on yet. Which would be appropriate since her body is caving in already.

  Horde  |  8

If this is your most annoying problem in your life, then you're a lucky person.. YDI because you knew what you took up with that job.

  ChopSuey444  |  20

So, I know this was from '09.... but.... #4's comment is too rude to be ignored.
I truly hope you have body function control issues when you're elderly. Her body is caving in? Fuck her for not passing on yet?? My god. I hope in the six years since leaving this comment you have learned some simple human decency.