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Today, at the gas station, the automatic door didn't open when I approached it. I asked the cashier to open it for me, joking that because I'm a redhead, I didn't have a soul and it wouldn't open for me. The cashier freaked and wouldn't let me go until I proved I had a soul. FML
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iMarriedadouche 3

How did you "prove" the existence of your soul?!!


DeadxManxWalking 27

That's a bad, over used "joke;" if we can call it that...

Confession time. I actually found that funny, in light of the situation....

Im a blonde and found this funny. I thought it was a great pun on the OP. Some people...can't take jokes.

OHai15 12

damn #10 getting a little defensive, u a blonde?

iMarriedadouche 3

How did you "prove" the existence of your soul?!!

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iarefatal 9

She will probably never leave that gas station.

Freaked out when the dementors came. Also, your username told me your tragic story, and I am very sorry.

perhaps OP never did prove that they have a soul, and ate the cashier's soul!

As a fellow Redhead/ Ginger I'd have proven it by showing him my new freckle after taking his soul.

After writing an exam on Aristotle, proving the existence of a soul seems like pretty regular stuff.

Logically. "If I had no soul, I could never smile, or be friendly, or be able to stand other people being friendly. Since I've never killed anyone, and I'm usually quite friendly, I must have a soul."

You can't expect scientific rigor from a cashier.

Some say OP is still in that service station...

Oh my gosh I often tell people my freckles are souls I've collected

How does one prove they have a soul? Especially when its existence is still debated lol Edit: shit sorry I didn't realise 4

chrissy2 28

As long as you have a shadow, you should be fine.

Red heads gain a freckle for every soul they steal so actually they have plenty lol

3) i am a blonde, and have all a's in my classes, very street smart, and read at least 2 books a day! I would appreciate it if you shut your mouth! Thank you! And to the poster of this fml, i pity your life and my sister dyed her hair red and jokes that all the time! Oh, the irony!

It's called a stereotype. Not to mention that there is a reply button for when you want to reply to someone. And do you want to know what else? For someone who likes to point out how incredibly smart they are, your grammar is rather appalling.

Well, excuse me for having bad grammar! Would you like to correct it, and be a grammar nazied donkey! Didnt think so!

Which one of us are you calling Dr. suess?

14- I am not going to correct you, because there's a lot of mistakes and I can't be bothered. Just next time you're trying to prove how incredibly high your intelligence is, you could at least prove it in your writing. Although I would like to say that nazied is not a word, and I'm putting that as a quote on my profile because it's wonderful.

chrissy2 28

Dumb blonde jokes have been going around for years so don't be offended by a sterotype. You don't see blacks getting offensive when we say "black man can't swim". It's a joke, get over it.

chrissy2 28

Also, you just walked into your own sterotype.

19) i have never heard that one! And back to the argument, i guess i will let this slide, because i need to leave in 10 minutes and am still not ready! Good day, and byezzz! Lol, dont know why i did that....

chrissy2 28
SharnaaaBanana 22

Your brilliant and I salute you my fellow Victorian

Kyiomi, the truly intelligent people never say they are. They display it.

Does anyone else think that she's about eleven years old?

You people need to realize i can and am reading these, and for your information, i am 13!

Wow you're 13? With straight As?? People. I think I found the saviour of our world

"Street smart" at 13? What a precotious little tyke.

I had better spelling and grammar at age 13. Living in the suburbs, I wasn't particularly street smart, but I had to learn to spell the old-fashioned way because I didn't have a computer with spellcheck until college. And I hand-wrote most of my papers! Shock! Horror!

I'm a blonde, and I don't think this thread really helped our image.

Two whole books a day? That wasn't sarcasm, you must be an amazing reader. Or those must be terrible books.

SeepingSarcasm 7

kyiomi, judging from your replies, even if you were a brunette, you would still be an idiot!

Wow this has been both painful and highly amusing to read. My original thought was you are giving blondes a bad name and that I pity the person who cannot take a joke. Then I saw you were 13 and I then decided I pity our future. It's stupid kids like you who are not old enough to use the Internet because you do not understand enough of the world and yet you lack the self control to voice the fact that you think you do. Good luck with those 'two books a day' - what a joke! You are not intelligent (as you already proved) you my dear are a bloody galah!

Krajjan 9

Wow. I love how you guys will give emotional support to people who probably don't deserve it and then tear down a 13 year old girl (who admittedly deserved the hell out of it). Your insistence on equal punishment of stupidity is inspiring FML. Inspiring.

9, idk if you are trolling, or just that daft. First, you are 13(so you say), how much street smarts you can have, look both ways before crossing? And you can't argue that blonds aren't dumb when you are making a complete fool of yourself. Grow up a little then come back and play with big kids.

If mouths are guns and insults are bullets, then FML is the Wild West. And that means this was a high noon showdown. Well, more of a high noon massacre....

14) There is no comma between "correct it and"

68, Yes, I agree that people have been a little too brutal with this child. Yes, even I took a mild jab at her, but after all this I'm actually feeling a little guilty about it. She's 13, people. Of course she's immature. Sure, there are some 13 year olds who are more internet-banter savvy, but that doesn't mean that the folly this kid displayed isn't largely due to her age. And no, ripping apart a clearly intellectually illequiped person in mob fashion doesn't make you cool, smart, or superior in any way.

Kylomi, I checked your profile & noticed you have posted 10 comments & 5 of those are on this post. I realize you're 13 & new to commenting so I'd like to give you some advice: 1. Do not make claims you cannot back up. 2. Only be worldly on topics you can relate to, not topics you can only conceptualize (things you think you know but are not experienced with/affected by.) 3. Read & think before posting rather than impulsively posting. Multiple commenters taking jabs is ridiculous. She's clearly clueless & has a lot to learn. I don't think she needs anymore criticism.

pedosmurf 7

Ian 14 and age does play a role, but you can still have street smarts. Really it's just where you grow up.

Whether or not the comments towards the kid were 'mean' or not is not the issue. This is the Internet. There is no age protection here, if she thinks she is old enough to play on the Internet then she needs to be old enough to deal with the consequences of her comments. I'm not being a horrible person I'm being a realist. You cannot stop it from happening unless MAYBE she posted 'blah blah *insert stupid comment* don't be mean to me I'm only 13' Which she won't do and 99% of the Internet won't care about anyway. If she cannot handle it then she need to close her laptop and come back when she is older.... If she CAN handle it then in time her arguments will become stronger and us 'picking' on her is lesson number one!

#12, look at your own comment. "For someone who likes to point out how incredibly smart they are, your grammar is rather appalling." Because "someone" is a singular subject, it should not be paired with "they". Instead it should be: "For someone who likes to point out how incredibly smart she is, your grammar is rather appalling." How about you fix your own grammar and quit being a hypocrite.

CharresBarkrey 15

97 - I just facepalmed so hard. "They" does not always mean a plural of he/she. "They" can indeed be used in singular form when referring to anyone (especially when you don't know the person in question's gender) for example. I could say, in reference to your asinine comment, "They really made themself look incredibly stupid for incorrectly trying to correct someone." See how that works?

25- 1. No one says BYEEEZZZ, and 2. You will let it slide? I think you'll be lucky if we let your stupid slide.

Are you suggesting that the OP's gender here is unknown?

OHai15 12

sweetheart chill out. I'm black...our stereotypes r outrageous, but i find myself laughing about them. u know u aren't stupid and i know i dont listen to rap music or eat chicken like a maniac. case closed. lighten up. ^_^

kriz_allizwell 6

Just take one look at your own dp, El capitan de obvious!

kriz_allizwell 6

Ya called it just raayt, podna!

kriz_allizwell 6

You pity her life because she is a redhead?

Street smarts come from actual experience on the streets. It doesn't matter what age you are. But #9, I highly doubt you have any.

19990231 29

92, she is also at the age of being able to have kids, that doesn't mean she should. Your argument about her being on the Internet at a young age and therefore meaning she should have to endure a ton of insults (that she may or may not deserve) is ridiculous. Why can't the Internet be a nice place?

It doesn't matter what colour hair the cashier had. What I want to know is how did OP prove they had a soul?!?!

olpally 32

Wow, people are that stupid? Lol. You should ask him/her if there's a cure for stupidity and see if him/her can prove that.

I think he'd be too stupid to even articulate that lol